Brad Pitt’s First Love Speaks Out on His Engagement to Angelina Jolie (EXCLUSIVE)

Brangelina Engaged!
Manager confirms the longtime couple will wed
Brad Pitt’s first girlfriend couldn’t be happier about him tying the knot.

The 49-year-old heartthrob and Sarah Hart were teenage sweethearts at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri, and she’s been keeping tabs on his career – and lady loves — ever since.

“I think it’s awesome,” Hart told Celebuzz of her former flame’s future wedding. “They deserve it.”

What did Pitt’s first love say about his nuptials?

“They’re both fantastic looking,” an excited Hart said.

Brad, 49, and longtime partner Angelina Jolie, 36, shocked the world when they confirmed their engagement in April after seven years together.

Although Hart hasn’t spoken to Brad in 20 years, she’s in awe of what his life has become from such modest Midwestern beginnings.

“I don’t think you ever think your high school boyfriend is going to became the Brad Pitt,” said Hart, who owns Alma Chocolate in Portland, Oregon.

“Our relationship was sweet and nice.”

Hart doesn’t tell many people about her young love, she admitted, but her close friends and family know about her brush with celebrity.

“It’s funny,” she said.

“My kids used my prom pictures in high school to flash around.”

But the world could be waiting a while for Pitt and Jolie to walk down the aisle, with the dad-of-six admitting recently it may not happen any time soon.

“I hope we figure out marriage equality in the states before that date,” Pitt said, referring to the national debate on gay marriage.


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