‘Dallas’ Star Julie Gonzalo Teases Rebecca’s Season Finale Fate (Q&A)

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How far will you go to keep the one you love? That question is weighing heavily on Rebecca’s mind on Wednesday’s Season 1 finale of TNT’s Dallas.

Celebuzz spoke with Julie Gonzalo, who plays the estranged wife of Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) on the hit summer drama.

Gonzalo, 30, reveals what viewers can expect on Wednesday from the mysterious con artist, who holds more secrets than the Pentagon!

Will Rebecca finally be able to break the hold her “brother” Tommy (Callard Harris) has on her?

Celebuzz: Last week, it seems as though Christopher and Rebecca were slowly making their way back to each other. He even gave her a chance to confess anything else she may be hiding from him. Why is she still keeping mum about Tommy?

Julie Gonzalo: She’s scared. I think that’s the No. 1 reason why you keep quiet. She’s frightened of Tommy and not Christopher. I think she’s also scared of utterly and totally losing Christopher but its mostly Tommy’s behavior that’s freaking her out a bit. She’s trying to fix the problem without having to come forward I believe.

CB: Rebecca was pretty quick to confess the truth to Christopher about the email when John Ross (Josh Henderson) tried to blackmail her. Viewers know John Ross is a a chip off the old block in terms of being just like JR (Larry Hagman), but she’s still hesitant on getting out from under Tommy’s thumb. Why?

JG: Well, we’re not certain who sent the email to be honest. I’m not quite certain if it was her idea, if it was his idea or if it was both of their ideas. That’s the question… Rebecca was quick to confess about John Ross, because she was ready to let it all out. It was better to let it come out of her mouth than someone else’s.

CB: Were you surprised Rebecca and Tommy weren’t siblings?

JG: You know, it’s funny. At first when I read the script, I thought, “OK, they may not be related, they’re lovers! Maybe they really aren’t related.” But as I kept getting the scripts, I started to think they may just be brother and sister and thought, “Oh man this is getting way too complicated!” (laughs). I was never told what was happening with Rebecca so I was always like, “Oh crap!”

CB: What can viewers expect in the season finale?

JG: The episode tonight is called “Revelations” and I think that it is appropriate. There’s a lot of things, a lot of questions that will be answered. I think that people will be excited all around. There’s a lot going on tonight that’s for sure! (laughs)

CB: In the last episode, the gun did go off between Tommy and Rebecca and viewers saw the blood smeared all over wall. Is it a safe bet for us to say we’ll see Rebecca in season 2?

JG: Well, the safest thing I can tell you is, the episode opens tonight with a body hitting the ground. Whose body it is? We don’t know whose body it is, there is a possibility for everything. I hope its not Rebecca’s! (laughs).

The Dallas first season finale airs Wednesday at 9 PM on TNT. Watch a preview below.

Jillian Bowe