Ellen Page’s Death Threats on Twitter: ‘She Should Act Like This Is Not Happening,’ Says HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell (VIDEO)

How should stars in the spotlight deal with cyber bullying?

That’s the question on many people’s minds after Ellen Page reported receiving two death threats via Twitter — including one that read, “I’m going to murder Ellen Page. She’s dead” — sparking an investigation by the Los Angeles police department.

The tweets, possibly sent from two accounts, have since been deleted. The LAPD has sought a search warrant for account-tracing information from Twitter and is also investigating threatening calls targeting the actress back in June.

And now, after addressing questions in Celebuzz’s #AskJane video feature, HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell says Page made “the smart move…[by getting] the police involved right away.”

“They are investigating,” Velez-Mitchell continued. “Hopefully they’re going to find the person who tweeted these threats and arrest them and that this person will face serious charges and do some hard time for this.”

What did the HLN anchor have say about the celebrities under attack of cyber bullying?

“Experts will say the most important thing to do when you’re faced with any kind of stalker is absolutely do not interact whatsoever,” Velez-Mitchell advised. “So [Page], in my opinion, should not talk about it, should not mention it when doing talk shows or being interviewed. She should act like this isn’t happening except to provide more protection for herself when she’s out and about.”

Why should the Juno star avoid the issue at hand?

“Because the one thing these stalkers want more than anything else is attention,” explained Velez-Mitchell. “They want an interaction. In their mind, they are having a relationship with the star they’ve been fixated on. And anything the star does to give that person attention, even if it’s negative attention, is going to keep the fantasy alive.”

Right now, Page is “going through a hellish experience,” the TV host continued. “She has been threatened. You’ve got to feel for her. She should be on top of the world right now [with her new film, To Rome With Love]. Unfortunately, she was not able to attend one of the premieres for her movie. That’s sad that it’s impacted her life to that extent.”

The best Page can do is lie low. “Do not interact,” said Velez-Mitchell. “Get the cops to arrest this man and prosecute it to the hilt.”

Watch more from the video above, then tell us: Do you think Page is handing her stalker the best way possible?

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