The Celebrity Weight Debate: Do Jennifer Hudson, Jonah Hill, Christina Ricci Look Better Bigger? (VIDEO)

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Diets are all the rage around Tinseltown.

Celebrities are dropping weight left and right with one new fad after another -- including Jersey Shore's star Snooki (prior to getting pregnant) and American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson.

But does thinner alway mean hotter?

Celebs such as Entourage funny guy, Jerry Ferrara, went from chubby to cutie.

Shedding the pounds off of his 32-year-old frame definitely improved his look -- yet he did have a hot girlfriend even when he was a little plumper -- Entourage's brunette beauty Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 31.

Writer and 21 Jump Street actor Jonah Hill is another comedian to slim down.

But Celebuzz isn't sure if Hollywood can handle Jonah as a thin man.  It may have ruined his appeal as the  "cuddly funnyman."

Are these celebrities better off curvy or thin? Watch the video and leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Katie

    I believe that they look better thinner, not because you need to be thin to be beautiful but because now they are clearly healthier and fitter and that is important.