Lindsay Lohan Is a 'Sheer' Delight in Revealing White Swimsuit (PHOTOS)

Lindsay to Portray Liz
Actress Lindsay Lohan leaves Kiki Montparnasse shop in Soho in New York City
Do you approve of Lilo playing Elizabeth Taylor? Read More »

Lindsay Lohan took the plunge -- quite literally - as she stepped out in a daring swimsuit at a Hollywood, Calif. hotel over the weekend.

Leaving little to the imagination the 26-year-old showed off her ample assets in the sheer paneled one piece, which flattered her slimline figure.

Despite sporting a bruised leg, Lohan still managed to stand out in her sexy attire.

So what did Lohan get up to during her stay?

Pulling a series of elegant poses Lohan appeared to still be channeling Elizabeth Taylor - who she is playing in the biopic about her life called Liz and Dick.

The star spent the afternoon stretching out on a chaise lounge, sunbathing and reading Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine.

While she steered clear of a swim she did dip her toes in the pool to cool down.

Lohan covered up a little as she grabbed her robe, red shoes and Chanel purse to head back to her room.




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