Olympics 2012: Lolo Jones Blasts Media Amid Teammates’ Complaints They’re Being Overshadowed (VIDEO)

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It’s a lose-lose… lose situation for Olympic runner Lolo Jones when it comes to media coverage.

The promising 30-year-old had just placed fourth during Tuesday’s 100-meter hurdle finals and admitted on Twitter that she was very upset by the near-miss.

But, it was a New York Times profile on the athlete that really had her breaking down in tears on Wednesday’s Today show.

“I think it was crazy just because it was two days before I competed, and then the fact that it was from a U.S. media,” Jones said tearfully on the NBC morning show about the profile that compared her to tennis pro Anna Kournikova’s penchant for falling short in the game, but being able to market her looks and endorsement deals.

“They should be supporting our U.S. Olympic athletes and instead they just ripped me to shreds,” she continued. “I just thought that that was crazy because I worked six days a week, every day, for four years for a 12-second race and the fact that they just tore me apart, which is heartbreaking.”

But, why are Jones’ teammates angry about her media coverage for a totally different reason?

The Beijing Oympics alum isn’t the only one who’s upset over the media coverage surrounding her. Her Team USA teammates and medalists in the same race, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, appeared on NBCSN saying they felt overshadowed by the immense coverage on Jones.

“I just felt as if I worked really hard to represent my country in the best way possible,” Harper told NBCSN’s Michelle Beadle. “And to come way with the gold medal, and to honestly seem as if, because their favorite didn’t win all of sudden it’s just like, ‘Were going to push your story aside, and still gonna push this one.’ That hurt. It did. It hurt my feelings.”

The bronze medalist in the 100-meter hurdles, Wells, adds: “Well, I think that, on the podium tonight, the three girls that earned their spot and they got their medals and they worked hard and did what they needed to do, prevailed. And that’s all that really needs to be said.”

The exchange was so awkward, Beadle commented, “You can cut the tension in here with a knife.”

Watch Jones on Today above and her angry teammates on NBCSN over at Gawker.

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