‘Ugly Betty’ Actress America Ferrera Stars in New Web Series ‘Christine’

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Meeting a large number of people in such a little amount of time is not only challenging, but intimidating as well.

Just ask, America Ferrera, who stars in the 12-part series Christine on a new YouTube channel WIGS.

Ferrera — who most fans know as Betty on the iconic ABC series Ugly Betty – plays Christine, a young woman trying a little too hard to find Mr. Right on a nutty evening of speed dating.

Like her famous character on the ABC series, Ferrera’s Christine struggles with her confidence as she runs the dating gauntlet.

In the hilarious series, Christine meets a new man each episode. And with 10 available bachelors you better believe hijinks ensue.

Luckily for Ferrera she doesn’t have to worry about dating in real life.

The talented actress tied the knot with Ryan Piers Williams last year. The pair met when Williams cast Ferrera in his student film at the University of Southern California.

However, her single character certainly does get to speed date with some hotties — even if the dates are a bit awkward.

Also starring in the series is Eric Balfour, 35, – of O.C and 24 fame – and CSI: Las Vegas’ Gary Dourdan, 45. Dourdan — and his eyes — originally stole a few ladies’ hearts back in 1993 when he starred in  a video for Janet Jackson.

Meanwhile, going from Middle Earth to the dating scene is also Sean Astin, 41, from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

To get started on your newest guilty pleasure, watch the first episode of Christine below or click on your favorite hunk above to see their date with Ferrera.