Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Kendall and Kylie Jenner Reveal Their Favorite Workout Songs and Definition of Being Fit (EXCLUSIVE)

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With a star athlete for a father and the Kardashian clan as older sisters, Kendall, 16, and Kylie Jenner, 14, know how important it is to keep in shape, even at a young age.

The gorgeous sisters — who clocked in at No. 87 on the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown — recently sat down with Celebuzz to share their tips on how they manage to stay fit and healthy as they continue to grow up before our eyes.

So, what’s their big secret?

Below, check out our exclusive interview with Kendall and Kylie, in which they reveal their favorite workout songs and their favorite “bad foods.”

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Celebuzz: What’s been the key to keeping fit and healthy?
Kendall: Being active and keeping busy. It’s kind of ingrained in me to keep fit and active, whether it’s working out or running around with friends.


Celebuzz: What does being fit mean to you?
Kylie: Being fit to me means staying active. We’re lucky that we get to travel a lot, so are always on the move, and it’s so important to get out as much as possible and just keep active.

Celebuzz: What songs are on your fitness playlist?
Kendall: Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” and a bunch of Rihanna songs.
Kylie: Me too. And also Kaskade mixes and Rita Ora; anything with an upbeat tempo that I would dance to. We went to see Kaskade live in July and he was so amazing.


Celebuzz: Do you have a favorite healthy snack?
Kylie: I love grapes.
Kendall: Strawberries. Fruit is great to snack on because it’s healthy and it fills you up too.

Celebuzz: What are your “bad food” weaknesses?
Kylie: I have a weakness for french fries.
Kendall: Cupcakes. I definitely have a  sweet tooth like Kim, but everything in moderation. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to your favorite snack every now and then. Life’s too short.

Celebuzz: What tips and tricks can you lend to readers to in order to help them lose weight, look great and boost confidence?
Kendall: I don’t think fad diets really work. Losing weight is more about changing your lifestyle and eating habits. At the end of the day, it’s how you feel about yourself that gives you confidence. Don’t let other people bring you down and ignore the haters. If you really want to lose weight for yourself, then talk to your friends and family about it to get their support. A lot of girls put inspiring photos and quotes up on their bedroom or bathroom mirrors as pick-me-ups in the morning. I think that’s a great way to remind yourself that you are beautiful, and keep yourself motivated to work out or eat healthy.

Celebuzz: How do you get glowing yet safe summer skin?
Kendall: We’ve tried spray tans before, which are totally safe, but can often look a little orange, so I try to just make sure I wear a good protective sunscreen and then use a great Bronzer to create that bronzed, tan look.

Celebuzz: What are your must-have body, face and hair beauty products for summer?
Kendall: Sunscreen is vital and a lip balm with SPF protection.
Kylie: Cute hairbands are a must-have, too. Kendall and I love having long hair, but when it gets super hot in the summer I have to carry around hairbands to tie it up.

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