Jennifer Garner on Motherhood: ‘Packing a Diaper Bag Is the Most Exciting Moment of a Woman’s Life’

Jennifer's Adorable Daughters
Jennifer Garner steps out with her daughters.
Jennifer's Family Fun
Jen Garner takes her girls to a birthday party.
Jen & Ben Expecting!
The couple has their third baby on board
Jennifer Garner and hubby Ben Affleck welcomed their third child in February, and from the sounds of it, they may be try for a quartet.

“If Ben was sitting right her and looked at me, we would be on our way to number four,” she joked to Celebuzz. “It’s not an issue in my house. I’m so lucky in that department.”

But family isn’t the only thing Garner has on her mind…

The former Alias star has a brand-new movie hitting theaters August 15. In The Odd Life of Timothy Green, she and costar Joel Edgerton play a couple who are desperate to be parents but are unable to conceive. It’s not the first time she’s played such a woman, having undertaken a similar role in the 2007 hit, Juno.

“I do have an incredible empathy for women in this position,” she confessed. “I have so many friends going through it — this struggle and what it does to your own image of yourself and your idea of yourself as a woman, and how it shatters everything you always imagined of your own future in a way that nothing else can touch. It really messes with you.”

With a brood of three — Violet, 6, Seraphina, 3, and Samuel, not yet six months — Garner and Affleck certainly have their hands full, but for the actress, motherhood is the role of a lifetime.

“The first time you pack a diaper bag, it is the most exciting moment of a woman’s life,” she said, without irony. “It’s every version of diaper cream. It’s 50 diapers. It’s every change of clothes for every possible kind of weather. Lip balm for the baby. I remember putting that in. Baby’s don’t need lip balm.”


Raised by middle-class parents in Princeton, West Virginia, Garner enjoyed an unexotic childhood, spent daydreaming, writing and going to dance class.

“They let me discover what I loved, and they facilitated me doing that,” she recalled. “That it happened to turn into a career is just a weird happenstance.”