Justin Bieber Mocks Prince William's Thinning Hair: Celebuzz Readers Weigh In on Singer's 'Inappropriate' Comments

readers respond: team bieber or team william?

Justin Bieber isn't too thrilled with his future king's hair, and his disapproval is making headlines.

Bieber, 18, recently mocked Prince William's thinning hair during an interview with Britain's Rollacoaster magazine, saying, "I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. I don't know why he doesn't just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?"

Given how Beieber's still under the crown thanks to his Canadian heritage, were his comments comments towards the 30-year-old royal a little bit inappropriate?

Celebuzz took it to our Facebook to see what our readers thought.

Many fans though Bieber went to far in dissing his future king.

Patti Ann M.: he has no respect for his elders, and we try teaching our children respect our elders.

Alicia B.: Wtf! He needs to learn how to respect the Prince and elders!


Renee F.: Justin is a f**king ignorant idiot, a lot of the statements he makes are just, forgive my language, f**king ridiculous! He needs to go back to school! If the prince is comfortable with his thinning hair who the fuck is that lil s*** to say anything?

Vlada P.: Inappropriate.sounds like the advertisement.

Rosemary W.: he is a spoilt little brat that needs 2 grow up + b more respectful 2 our future king

Helen H.: At least Prince William is good looking

Wendy D.: Biebers turning into a Brat, should have seen it coming give a little kid millions at young age and crazy fans and he thinks he is on top of the world. Yes he is a PRINCE and could afford to get it shipped by private plane BUT not everyone is SHALLOW

Serena L.: i like Bieber but cmon.. Prince WIlliam is the future king of England.. what does Justin have on that?

Bieber's rep has yet to respond to Celebuzz's request for comment.

What do you think of JB's headline-making statement? Continue the debate below.



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  • samlovesbieber

    justin is a billion times more handsome and good looking than any prince or king!

  • samlovesbieber

    so true..if he wasn't royalty and if he wasn't famous NO ONE WOULD CARE!

  • samlovesbieber

    true word! your so right. im not saying justin was right by saying that, but he wasn't exactly wrong!

  • samlovesbieber

    justin has the right to express his opinions i bet all of you were thinking the same thing so get over yourselves. none of you even care you're all just trying to find a way to point fingers and bieber. LET THE HATERS HATE!

  • samlovesbieber

    omg people...like you've never said anything as a joke...justins a good guy he obviously never meant it in a bad way plus JUSTIN BIEBER IS A MILLION TIMES MORE HANDSOME THAN ANY PRINCE OR KING!

  • randomguy

    At least Prince William is not gay..hahaha just saying :)

  • Cidtheguyhidinginyourtrash

    BURN BIEBER!!!!! he said what about HRH? BURN HIM TWICE!!!

  • japanphil

    who he think he is? WTF BEAVER!

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    At least Prince William is good looking and Prince WIlliam is the future king of England and you don't have that!!

  • Lina

    Let him be,,, when he gets 30 and his hair thinning, im gonna slap this interview on his face...

  • Zahra

    Justin has his own opinions but he shouldn't have said it in an interview or whatever so that Prince William can see.

  • Desire

    Once again, Justin needs to learn how to shut his mouth. I would think that as he gets older he would become more mature but that's obviously not the case here. He's an ignorant brat that needs to get his priorities straight. That was a rude comment but he's just looking for attention.

  • tammie

    honestly this is so stupid, MILLIONS of people talk about Prince William's hair, and just because Justin Bieber is famous he gets grilled for it? that's seriously so pathetic, all of you would have discussed his hair at one stage in your life and had a laugh about it, and just because JB finds it funny as well, its not ok for him to do. super hypocritical if you ask me, mwa.

  • DC

    "Honestly William is more handsome than Bieber is" Hahaha, William is fugly. I'm a guy and I'd much rather look like Bieber (when he grows up he will be a handsome man, and William will be middle-aged). I think you'll struggle to find any man who would want to look like Wills. Receding chin (sign of inbreeding), receding hairline, huge nose and horsey teeth. Those are not the feautres of a handsome man. If he worked in Tesco you wouldn't look at him twice, love.

  • DC

    Prince William is a talentless prick who people only care about because he exited the correct vagina. The whole idea of monarchy is an anachronism. it's repulsive in this day and age. Justi isn't talented but he's definitely more talented than William or most other 'royals' William is not above humanity - everyone has to deal with criticism, what makes him special? Nothing, that's what.

  • Lo

    That comment was rude because for 1)regardless of who it is, its rude to point out that someone's hair is thinning, 2) even tho it's Prince William, he's still the Biebs elder and in a high place of power....that being said Justin needs to wash his mouth out with soap and be careful what he says in public...

  • IAmMe

    AlaBella I'm gonna back you up..(but i might go off topic) Uhm Bieber may be famous and so is Prince William. But William means something to some people, son of Princess Diana,many people love him and respect him. Bieber is still young, he doesn't know what he's saying and thinks he can get away with it just because of who he is. Honestly William is more handsome than Bieber is,don't matter with the hair. He likes him for himself, while Bieber is just...SMH

  • AlaBella

    The comment was disrepectful regardless who it was directed to. It was rude and uncalled for.

  • loveme

    He's an idiot! He needs to think first before saying those STUPID COMMENTS!!! SHAME ON YOU BIEBER!

  • Derrick W.
    Derrick W.

    Maybe he is smarter than we think eh? Because now the media is talking about him more than the Prince.

  • Derrick W.
    Derrick W.

    He is an idot! Does he even think before he speaks. He is talking about Royalty for Christ sakes! He is just a singer among hundreds of thousands out there. Why in the world would he say that about the Prince? Publicity maybe? Well he is getting lots now isnt he?

  • Thomas Dobias
    Thomas Dobias

    to justin biber the commets about prince williams thinning hair is in bad teaste from young person who just turn 18. youre an adult now and you show prince williams some respect hes a person who willbe king some day and run the contury of england a place you might be in concert for the royal family. so justin bieber say your sorry to prince williams thats the adult thing to do thank you

  • Well

    No offense but "Prince" William is not God, he doesn't deserve any more respect than any other person. Especially not because he was born into a family people are forced to see as above everyone else in the world. That being said, it was a stupid comment, but it's his mouth...who really cares?