Kristen Stewart Drops Out of Upcoming Romantic Drama 'Cali'

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And the cheating scandal fallout continues.

In the wake her dalliance with director Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart has pulled out of her her role in upcoming romantic drama, Cali, according to Variety.

The actress was set to star opposite Magic Mike's Alex Pettyfer in the indie, from Notebook helmer Nick Cassavetes, about two young lovers who find themselves caught in crime.

Who will step in to her spot?

Rum Diaries star Amber Heard to rumored to be replacing her as character Mya in the film.

The news come after incriminating photos of Stewart and her Snow White and the Huntsman director surfaced last month, forcing her to admit to cheating on her longtime love, Robert Pattinson.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, Twilight director Bill Condon addressed the scandal plaguing Pattinson and Stewart%u2019s three-year romance."Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon," he said.


And he even leapt to Stewart's defense. "Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success," he said. "Now it%u2019s time that some of that respect be returned to them."

Meanwhile, after lying low for weeks, Pattinson is set to give his first sit-down interview since news of Stewart%u2019s affair broke on Comedy Central%u2019s The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on August 13. Just two days later, the Cosmopolis actor will sit down with Good Morning America.

As the final Twilight installment nears it November 16 debut date, it remains seen how its top stars Pattinson and Stewart will deal with an international press tour and red carpets. But Summit, the studio releasing Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, has confirm all promotion is a-go. Nancy Kirkpatrick, the company%u2019s head of worldwide marketing, said, %u201CWhile it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead.%u201D

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  • Agreed

    I really hope Rob speaks up and says something next week in defense of himself and Kristen. Tells people to mind their own business and let them work this out on their own terms and in their own time. It's really no ones business but their own and all the cheating talk really needs to stop. He could shut that down completely by saying point blank he's never been a cheater with any of those women and their working on getting past Kristen's own indiscretion right now. That doesn't mean they'll get back together but at least they can try to forgive and move on as colleagues/friends again. I hope his team advises him that would be the best thing to do for BOTH of them right now, or if not he just does it on his own. He's always kind of done that and not followed what his handlers said to do anyway. He's been his own person. That would nip this all in the bud. Period.

  • ballenciaga

    word is ballenciaga might be dropping her from the ad campaigns. apparently their ran their commercial teaser without featuring her as the spokesperson and taystew hinted at somthing about it on facebook recently. if that happens i know i won't be buying it. kristen still has a lot of fans despite her fall out with pattinson and they won't buy the perfume if kristen's dropped. no one will be buying it at all then. the media has overblown this by tremendous proportions.

  • Doesn't Matter
    Doesn't Matter

    What I hear about Kristen I will be her fan and go out and support her projects and buy her perfume too. And to the haters that think they are convincing anyone with all their noise and nastiness, they are achieving the contrary... more support and love for Kristen. Each new pathetic youtube video makes me want to give her a bear hug and stand by her taller than ever :^)

  • Rob's own cheating past
    Rob's own cheating past

    Some of this sh it is going to come to light and it’s going to bite Rob in the azz if he dumps Kristen for this thing with her director. This is not going to go away and it’s going to get worse for him before it gets better. If he forgives he and takes her back (at least publicly) he might be able to avoid the backlash. Otherwise they’re going to start coming out of the woodwork against him and it’s going to be Tiger Woods all over again. She’s the one who got caught, but he’s been doing it for a long long LONG time before this. While these stories of him hooking up with other woman haven't yet been 100% proven with high definition pictures (because there have been multiple sightings by fans and random people of him with these and other women), he’s only gotten a free pass on all this so far because Kristen has always stuck by him through it all and looked the other way despite the constant cheating surrounding him. This is not going to go away if he dumps her permanently. He’s going to reap a huge backlash so he’d better think wisely before condeming her for something that he’s done since the beginning of their ‘relationship.’ She’s not the only guilty party here. If he wants to keep this all under wraps and out of the mainstream media (as in not just in the comments section on gossip sites), then he’d better be careful. Kristen was stupid with how she handled her affair. Will Rob be smarter than she was? We shall see.

  • Rob's own cheating past
    Rob's own cheating past

    He was hooking up with his director David Cronenberg’s youngest daughter Caitlin during Cosmopolis filming that following summer, hitting lots of late night hot spots and parties "spreading their DNA" all over Toronto together. Kristen was asked not to visit him on location at this time. He was hooking up with LA bar sk anks like that Shea Marie chick who tweeted she shared “Jameson and Gingers” with him at Jimmy Fallon’s Emmy after-party and went back to Rob’s house to hang out following. There were all the bars he was hitting in Los Feliz and Silverlake closing them down at 2-3am every night while Kristen was busy in London filming Snow White and the Huntsman, girls tweeting about sharing drinks and ciggies with him on the patio and him flirting it up with them. He only visited London once while Kristen was filming in his hometown and not again until the very end after he'd finished the international promo tour for Breaking Dawn 1. There were the Sarah Roemer hook up pics and word that she went home with him from Soho House after they’d been partying with friends all night there and at La Poubelle. There were the Katy Perry texting stories that he’d been trying to console and hook up with her after her break up with Russel Brand–something that Kristen completely covered for him for I might add. There were the Lindsay Lohan cheating rumors AGAIN after that (didn’t believe those were true though-Linsday is too gross now even for bottom feeders like Pattinson). He gave an interview saying he frequented the KittyKat Club in Berlin when he was in town-a known fetish club where people openly engage in lewd acts and group sex.

  • Rob's own cheating past
    Rob's own cheating past

    Robert Pattinson has been cheating on Kristen Stewart since the start of their relationship. He hooked up with Megan Fox AFTER the Twilight premiere in Tokyo when he first got together with Kristen. He was sleeping with Nikki Reed at the start of New Moon filming and Ashley Greene all throughout. He hooked up with that Erika Dutra chick in Cannes that year and Camilla Belle in NYC when she went to visit him there during Remember Me filming. There were rumors of him and Emilie de Ravin having and on-set fling that same summer during filming. He was cheating with Ashley Greene again during Eclipse filming that fall while Kristen was on set. There were the rumors of him leaving Leighton Meester’s apartment in NYC early the next year. He cheated with some burlesque dancer Caroline Jones during Bel Ami filming in London causing him to be late for Eclipse reshoots and also his co-star Natalia Tena who he’d already had a history with before too. He cheated with Lindsay Lohan during Water for Elephants filming in LA that summer at Las Palmas and was photographed with bartender Nancee Bingenheimer from Saddleranch crawling all over this lap poolside at the Thompson hotel that July after Kristen had already left for Montreal to begin On the Road filming. There were rumors that he was going to co ke parties in Malibu and hooking up with sk anks like Teresa Palmer then too. He continued seeing Ashley Greene in Baton Rouge and was hooking up with Maggie Grace during Breaking Dawn filming while they back in Vancouver, spotted leaving her hotel frequently while Kristen was in LA. There was the Slovenian model Ana Colja who was interviewed saying how she’d been ‘close’ with Rob since attending the Oscars with him years back and they still saw each other all the time and were very happy together.

  • oh yeah!!!
    oh yeah!!!

    You know this whole story is losing steam when there are more posts from pathetic dating web sites than there are about the actual story. Thank goodness - time to let it rest folks.

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  • Cindy

    Dear Dr Jekyll or is it Mr. Hyde get a life !!!!