‘Bourne Legacy’ Star Jeremy Renner: 8 Things to Know About the Two-Time Oscar Nominee (PHOTOS)

These days, Bourne Legacy actor Jeremy Renner is a two-time Oscar-nominated actor who in the last few years has enjoyed a myriad of success stories, including roles in the Best Picture-winning Hurt Locker in 2009, and this year’s mega-blockbuster The Avengers.

But it wasn’t always so easy for the 41-year-old hunk from Modesto, Calif.

In fact, Renner had to climb the Hollywood ladder like so many of today’s accomplished stars. Did you know, for example, that his first movie was the critically maligned 1995 comedy Senior Trip? Yeah, ew.

Luckily, Renner has climbed said ladder to about its highest point. So, to celebrate his success, Celebuzz has pulled together eight fun facts about the actor.

Get to know the actor better in the gallery above, then be sure to check out The Bourne Legacy when it hits theaters nationwide on Friday.