‘Bourne Legacy’ Star Jeremy Renner Says He Feels ‘Fortunate’ for his Career (VIDEO)

Jeremy Renner is hitting the big screen with guns blazing (literally) in The Bourne Legacy on Friday.

In franchise’s highly-anticipated fourth film, Renner stars as medically-enhanced spy agent Aaron Cross who is controlled by a clandestine espionage program, taking the lead from Matt Damon’s butt-kicking Jason Bourne.

After three blockbusters — which have grossed almost $1 billion in the global box office — the series swiftly shifts away from Bourne with a simple tagline: “There was never just one.”

The other, it turns out, is Cross, a role Renner took to help Bourne mastermind Tony Gilroy — who penned all four of the Bourne films, and even took the director’s chair on the latest — bring his screenplay to life on the silver screen.

“There is one simple purpose for this,” Renner told Celebuzz at the world premiere of Legacy, “and that’s to help Tony tell his story.”

But it’s more than that.

Renner helped revived a franchise forsaken by its star, Damon, who decided in April 2010 not to return for a fourth installment, following in the footsteps of director Paul Greengrass.

So Renner, 41 — who shot to fame following his turn in The Hurt Locker — stepped in to take over as the lead in bullet-addled battles, the high-speed chases and stunt-filled fights. And his skills proved worthy on set, with Gilroy telling Celebuzz Renner impressed him “everyday.”

But filming is about more than just the action — it takes cast chemistry and, of course, trust.

“You have to [have] that with every job,” Renner said. “If you don’t, it doesn’t work. You have to trust the director and the director has to trust you and the other actors and actresses. It has to be there, and when it happens, oh is it magic.”

And would he say his red-hot Hollywood career is just as magical?

“Not magic,” Renner said humbly. “But maybe fortunate and lucky and blessed.”

Watch Celebuzz’s red carpet interview with Renner (above).

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