Flashback Friday: Zach Galifianakis in Cult Classic ‘Out Cold’ (VIDEO)

'Hangover' Star Zach Galifianakis is engaged and getting married!
It’s a busy week for Zach Galifianakis!

The Hangover funnyman, 42, is set to wed longtime girlfriend Quinn Lundberg, 29, on Saturday, increasing his wolfpack by one.

But thats not all, his new movie, The Campaign, hits theaters this weekend, just as election season is heating up.

Galifianakis stars opposite Will Ferrell as rivals who stoop low and play dirty in the silly satire of American politics. We’re counting on the two seasoned comedians to take office — the box office, that is.

So in honor of Zach and his exciting week, Celebuzz is celebrating with a look back at one of his first comedies.

Before he was Alan in The Hangover, the hilarious comedy that made him a household name, Galifianakis was Luke in the 2001 cult classic, Out Cold.

Galifianakis and a group of snowboarding buddies pass the time partying all day and night in their hometown in Alaska, not unlike the equally rowdy crowd that were used to seeing him with in Las Vegas, NV.

Watch the video above for a taste of what happens when Galifianakis gets drunk and reckless in one of his earlier comedies.

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