Rihanna Breaks Down Over Chris Brown on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' (VIDEO)

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Chris Brown Rehashing?
Chris Brown in studio
Is the singer's new track addressing Rihanna reports? Read More »

Oprah Winfrey continues to top herself on her interview show, Oprah’s Next Chapter, when Rihanna appears on the Sunday, August 19 episode at 9 PM on OWN.

The pop singer takes Winfrey on a tour of her home of Barbados and opens up about her childhood, dealing with fame and her controversial relationship with R&B singer Chris Brown.

What did Rihanna have to say about the very public break up?

“It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. I lost my best friend,” the 24-year-old tells Winfrey.

The stars broke up in 2009 after Brown assaulted her at a pre-Grammy Awards party. He would later plead guilty to a felony charge and receive five years of probation and six months of community service. Earlier this year, a musical collaboration fueled reports that they were dating once again.

Aside from a tour of her birthplace, the newly released trailers promise a visit to Rihanna’s childhood home and a surprise for her mother.

Watch the first look videos above.

Will you be tuning in to Oprah's Next Chapter to hear what else Rihanna has to say? Tell us in the comments section below.



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  • Nique

    I think they are both amazing artist . they are humans just like us , noone is perfect . And they both have everyday problems/Issues just like us no matter if its domestic or breakups . We should not jump on the bandwagon and choose sides just because we hear one side of a story . we dont truly know whats going in their private lives , we only know what they allow us to see or what the media issues out to us . seriously people grow up !

  • Tron

    Kitty Kelly has never met Oprah, she writes books on alot of celebs she has never met. She is the female J. Randy Taborelli except atleast he can say that he actually met Michael Jackson once in life.If you read her book and believed it 100 %, than no one should take you seriously because you my amigo are an imbecile. Good luck with that common sense. Since your opinion can't be trusted than I ask anyone who gave it a plus sign to go grow up along with you. Nobody cares if you like Oprah ( I'm not one of her biggest fans either) but she has done more in 15 minutes than you will EVER do in your lifetime so she deserves the respect of not having some teen w/ a laptop call her a prostitute( and it's sick that you would degrade her and begrudge her the success she has achieved by simply demeaning her into prostitutes and junkies), all because she didn't agree with your fav pop star beating up another pop star. You don't know her life, she was raped and abused as a child, sometimes when that happens to people they go through it until they grow up( something you need to check into). I don't care if you are in your teens or early twenties, you shouldn't just fly off at the mouth about life experiences you know nothing about, because you are sitting on a soapbox without knowing what the hell you're discussing, but you want to judge others. Really?

  • Tron

    Some of these replies were written by team breezy looney teens/or rihanna navy crazies. Whatever is felt between rihanna and chris brown is obviously strong, and what happened between them 3 years ago is between them. It isn't up for debate between idiot fans who read reports but were not there( and you never spoke to either one of them about it). You don't know what rihanna's intentions are so shut it. You don't know what kind of a person chris brown is outside of media reports. Stop judging them and go look in the mirror and see how hateful and jealous you sound. Rihanna never sought out to destroy chris, the public and media did that in the aftermath. Rihanna never wanted that , you're blind if you can't see what the fall out from the break up has done to them. When was the last time either one looked truly happy. I bet it was sometime in 2009. If she needs counseling than so does he, but you can't watch a video clip and know all about a situation you were not involved in, stop talking like you know these people. SHUT UP.

  • ginapinto

    lol, either way you idiot, a male should NEVER hit a woman, EVER! your probably some brainless man, go and get a life, a brain and an education before you come back and reply, mwaaaa!

  • Mighty One
    Mighty One

    They hate her becuase she is liar and and user! She told police she hit Chris 1st and often that night before he struck her back. Why not discuss that? She has massaged this story from evey angle to try to ruin him and gain favor from the feminist dogs of the world who think all males, especially black males are evil! I truly hate Rihanna and Oprah. I am glad her network is failing. I will rejoice when it is pulled off the air & when Rihanna is relaced by RITA ORA!

  • Mighty One
    Mighty One

    I HATE RIHANNA & former crack smoker and prostitute Oprah Windfrey (see Kitty Kelly's)! When is Rihanna going to stop using Chris Brown for publicity? Chris was a teenage boy 4yrs ago when they had that fight. Why does she act like a teen can't grow and move on? Do you see Charlie Sheen, Eminem, Ozzy Osbourne Sean Penn's ex-wives constantly talking about the REAL ABUSE they suffered at the hands of their HUSBANDS? Enough of you Rihanna. Why can't you be successful without trying to use Chris Brown to get sympathy from the pathetic crowds that never question you about beating on him 1st that night (see NCFM report)? Being a female does not give you the right to abuse a TEENAGE BOY! God is good though ............

  • mileyismylife

    RIhanna is seriously so amazing, strong and down to earth. I adore her so much, she has such a good heart and she is beautiful inside and out. I don't understand why people hate on her for, she is incredible. If your a hater, i advise that you watch this, hopefully this interview will change your view on her for the better.

  • kola

    i pray she gets the help she needs, she needs couseling, because you can tell she has not healed completly. hopefully she will not start dating chris, but remain a friend. he is a jerk, and he thinks he's untouchable, but he has two yaers left on probation, and all the crap he has been in why is he still standibg and has not been arrested. i hope she finds love with a real man i do love he an i just despise him

  • Sasha Sorzano
    Sasha Sorzano


  • BigSister

    She is such a down to earth girl. You can tell she came from a home, not a house.I use to dislike her for reasons that I myself don't know,and I am ashame of myself. She sure grew on me. I love her to death. Chris had 100% of my heart, but now it s equally divided between them, I love them both.

  • LiberianGirl

    I am older than Rih, with two kids, but I just cried after seeing her cry. I pray that God guard ahe every step. I love that little girl soooooooomuch.

  • newyork2430

    Aww it made me upset when she cried..sadly, you can see that she still loves him. And him being a jerk because she loved him truly. I hope you find peace Rihanna. You guys are great!