‘The Glee Project’ Final 3 Answer Fan Questions: Their Crushes, Challenges and Musical Favorites (Q&A)

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The Glee Project fans, get excited!

Season 2 finalists — Aylin Bayramoglu, Ali Stroker and Blake Jenner — answering your questions Friday, August 10 at 4:30 PM PT/ 7:30 PM ET on Twitter.

The questions in Celebuzz’s latest “Twitter-view” were entirely from you.

What did the Final 3 have to say about the competition, crushes and biggest lessons?

 If you weren’t able to watch the action on Twitter, we got you covered. Read Friday’s “Twitter-view” with the finalists below.

Celebuzz: OK, let’s get started with a question for all of you. @Jordynnn6 wants to know how it feels to be so close to your dream?

Blake Jenner: It feels so crazy. Almost like it’s not even real. It makes us want to fight so much harder for it!

Aylin Bayramoglu: it’s an incredible feeling!! I’ve worked for this my whole life!

CB: OK, so Blake, here’s one specifically for you from @thufailaomr what was it like meeting Dianna Agron?

BJ: It was insane meeting Dianna Agron. When she walked in, I COULD NOT believe it! She is a great actress and SO KIND!!

CB: Here’s one for Aylin from @immagleek. How difficult was it to film “Perfect” esp. at the end where u put the headpiece on?

AB: I have no acting experience. But putting on the head scarf put me in the right head space for the scene.

CB: Here’s one for all of you from @MaraJohnson92. What theme of the week has affected you the most personally?

AB: vulnerability was the one that had the biggest impact on me. I had to dig deep.

BJ: I agree with Aylin, Vulnerability definitely hit home for all of us. It was a tough week.

Ali Stroker: the hardest week was fearlessness! That pool and slushies!!!!

CB: Blake, @stephvaz wants to know who is/was your #Glee or #TheGleeProject crush?

BJ: I think my Glee crushes has always been Dianna Agron, Heather Morris, and Lea Michele. I think they are all BEAUTIFUL.

CB: That’s a fun question! Aylin, who are your #Glee crushes?

AB:@DarrenCriss and @chordoverstreet!!!!!!!

CB: Here’s another for you, Aylin, from @Dani_Andrews16. What’s your favorite part of performing? Dancing, singing, or acting?

AB: singing for sure!! Singing is my boyfriend, husband, best friend and everything that I am!

CB: Question from @RachelPeppers. Who are your favorite bands or musical artists? btw, @RachelPeppers’ is the Red Hot Chili Peppers — obvs.

AB:Adele, Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry are big influences for me!

BJ: I LOVE Gavin Degraw, he is AWESOME and I love his music. Fall Out Boy and Maroon 5 are my favorites too

CB: Blake, here’s one fr: @milliegleason. What would be your dream job if you couldn’t sing or act or dance?

BJ: Wow,that’s a tough question because I have always only seen myself acting Maybe a teacher, I like working with kids.

CB: OK, next one is for Ali from @drawsome_glee. How did it feel to hear that the writers said you’d make a good “b—-” character?

AS: OH MY GOSH I loved when the writers thought I could be a B**** because it showed they saw different sides of me!

CB: Here’s a good one for Aylin from @scottsles, “Are you still making sweet music with Charlie?? I sure hope so ;)”

AB: well… I’ll be singing at a wedding with him tomorrow! So yes? Haha

CB: OK, last one from @kiraequality. What was the biggest lesson you learned about show biz?

BJ: The biggest lesson was definitely to ALWAYS be yourself and always trust what you love to do.

AB: It’s a hard business! You’ll get a lot of no’s but, it’s the yes that counts!

AS: The lesson I learned about show biz was always be yourself no matter what people think!

CB: Thanks @Blake_Jenner@AylinSings@AliStroker! Find out who gets the role on #Glee — on @TheGleeProject S2 finale Tue 10PM on @Oxygen.

AB: thank you so much!! It was a pleasure talking with all of you! =)

BJ: Thank you so much for interviewing us!!! And thank you to everyone for all of your AWESOME questions! 🙂

AS: so cool to hear from all of you! You’re all amazing!!

Watch the first look videos above and below from Tuesday’s finale.

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