AMC’s ‘Small Town Security’ Specializes in the Sneak Attack (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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If you aren’t a fan of today’s reality TV, you may want to give AMC’s new unscripted show, Small Town Security, a chance.

It airs Sunday nights at 11 PM after the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad and really takes the cable channel’s tagline, “Story Matters Here,” to heart.

For those who have grown tired of the cartoonish characters who populate reality television, Small Town Security really gets back to the genre’s roots in documentary.

What can viewers expect from AMC’s new unscripted series?

On the surface, the series is a workplace show about a family-owned security and private investigation agency in Ringgold, Ga. (population: 3,613). But, you learn fairly quickly that this series isn’t just about the things that rent-a-cops do when crime rates aren’t exactly off the charts. It’s about these people who have unique lives and extraordinary pasts who so happen to end up working together for the company at this moment in their lives.

From its owner Joan Koplan’s (who craves celebrity after a short Hollywood starlet career) relationships to her husband, Irwin Koplan (who’s struggling with a bout of confidence in his old age), and her devoted no-nonsense and militaristic lieutenant, Dennis Croft (who reveals a complex gender history), the series is truly full of surprises.

Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode, which shows Croft doing what he does best: Taking his job very seriously.

Watch the video above as “the Lieutenant” stages a sneak attack on one of his officers.

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