Mitt Romney’s VP Pick Paul Ryan: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Wisconsin Rep.

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Alas, Mitt Romney has announced his pick for the No. 2 spot on the Republican ticket: Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

The GOP Presidential hopeful rolled out his running mate while speaking in Virginia on Saturday.

So who is Paul Ryan?

Celebuzz runs down some things you may not know about the 42-year-old congressman from Wisconsin.

1. His nickname is P.D.
Paul Davis Ryan shares his first name with his father, Paul Sr. To avoid confusion while growing up, the rep went by the nickname “P.D.” Because it sometimes sounds like “Petey,” Ryan is apparently over having people use the moniker.

2. He’s had some odd jobs.
Ryan worked in college as an Oscar-Mayer salesman one summer and once drove the Weinermobile. As a congressional staffer in Washington, he worked as a trainer at Washington Sport and Health Club.

3. He’s a king.
In high school, Ryan was voted prom king. He was also voted “biggest brown-noser.”

4. He’s a health freak.
During his days as a congressional staffer, Ryan moonlighted as a fitness trainer. And he’s stuck to the serious sweat sessions ever sun. Ryan runs daily grueling P90X classes for members and staff at the congressional gym. In 2010, he was voted biggest “gym rat” by an anonymous poll of congressional staffers.

5. He’s a big-time Packers fan.
After the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl in Feburary, Ryan appeared on CNBC wearing a reversible Packers tie and chatted about going to the championship game.

6. He is an outdoorsy dude.
Being the fifth generation Ryan to live in Janesville, Wisc., the politician has embraced a love of the outdoors. Fishing and bowhunting (hunting animals by archery a crossbow) are two of his favorite woodsy activities.

7. He popped the question at his favorite fishing spot.
In 2000, a 30-year-old Ryan proposed to Washington tax attorney Janna Little at Big St. Germain Lake in northern Wisconsin, the spot of one of his favorite fishing holes.

8. He was a frat boy.
While at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Ryan was in the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Also in the same frat a few years earlier was Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

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