'Victorious' Canceled After Three Seasons

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Nickelodeon's iCarly isn't the only show ending its successful run.

Victorious -- starring Victoria Justice -- will premiere its series finale this year, according to the network.

"Nickelodeon will not be moving forward with production on a fourth season of Victorious following the final season that will premiere this fall," Nickelodeon said in a statement. "We are very proud of the show, its very talented cast, and our audience will continue to see many of them in upcoming new Nickelodeon projects."

Though the news comes on the heels of Nickelodeon ordering two iCarly spinoff pilots -- Sam & Cat and Gibby -- from Victorious creator Dan Schneider, the showrunner insisted the cancellation had nothing to do with his new projects. He wrote on his blog:

By now, a lot of you have heard that Victorious will not be returning for a 4th season. That is true. This was the network’s decision – not mine. Please understand: Almost all Nickelodeon shows have a life of about 60 episodes. We made around 60 episodes of Drake & Josh… of Zoey 101… and we made 41 episodes of The Amanda Show… and all those shows were big hits.

So, it’s not unusual for a Nick show to do a run of just 60 episodes. I would love to have made more than 60 of Victorious, but that’s how it usually goes. We’re extremely proud of the show, and all we’ve accomplished.

Also – and it’s really important that you know this – the network’s decision about Victorious had nothing to do with Gibby or Sam & Cat. I promise. Even if there was no Gibby and no Sam & Cat – the network still would have ended Victorious after its 60-episode run.

The Victorious cast also responded to the news, writing:      

Victorious is currently nominated for three Emmys and recently won a Kids' Choice award for Favorite TV Show.

Nickelodeon has yet to announce a specific date for the series finale.

What do you make of the news? Are you sad to see Victorious end? Sound off in the comments below.


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'Victorious' Flash Mob
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  • Suzie

    'Tis a shame it's coming to an end. This show, along with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is one of the few shows worth my views. They make me laugh when I need it more than anything. It's a shame...

  • mom

    i'm 48 and I love this show, you are stupid for cancelling this show. It is far better than icarly and many others out there..whats next..good luck charlie...another great show...You people have no idea what the audience likes it's all about the money not ratings or anything else. THIS IS A GREAT SHOW. you are dumb for making the choices you made

  • Nunu

    Aloha. Im 14, and I really enjoy Victorious. So please if you are going to stop the show, please give Tori and Beck a Relationship!

  • zoey 101 and victoriarous
    zoey 101 and victoriarous

    i love the show victorious and yes im sad that victorous and zoey 101 end.