Robert Pattinson’s ‘Daily Show’ Appearance: Kristen Stewart Jokes and 4 More Spoilers

Kristen's 'On the Road'
The star poses with her costars amid breakup drama.
RPatz on 'Daily Show'
Jon Stewart nabs the heartthrob's first post-breakup interview.
The day has finally arrived, Twi-Hards: Robert Pattinson’s first interview since Kristen Stewart branded herself a cheater and left their relationship in ruins.

Last month, the 22-year-old broke the heartthrob’s heart after she admitted to an affair with Snow White & The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

On Monday, Pattinson sat down with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s Daily Show as the first on-screen interview of his Cosmopolis promotional tour. And although some believed that the subject of Stewart would be off-limits, details from the audience prove that wasn’t really the case.

Here are five details that have been leaked about Pattinson on The Daily Show.

1. Keep it on the down low. Pattinson apparently had pretty heavy security going in to the studio. “No one saw him in person,” one fan tweeted. “No one… Three security guards walked OUTSIDE of his SUV to assure no one could get near it. Paparazzi boo’ed (some fans too).”

2. Hotter after heartbreak. If the star has been hiding out, we can all use a similar vacation. But while tanned and looking “fit” as the Brits call their hotties, the 26-year-old still had a certain air of being shell-shocked. Take a look at the gallery above for a peek at him during Monday’s Cosmopolis screening.

“He looked put-together,” an audience member tells Life & Style. “He took the time to clean up, but he definitely looked a little startled to be in public.”

3. Laughter helps with the healing? Stewart reportedly referred to the breakup saying, “The world has ended.” And the star replied, “It has.” He then nervously laughed, “That was my attempt at a joke.”

4. Tough love. As the elder Hollywood statesman, Stewart dished out his best and sobering point of view on the situation. “You’re better off. Kick her to the curb!” Really sensitive, Stewart.

5. Sometimes, you need to ask for help. Pattinson has apparently never hired a publicist during his rise to stardom as the star of the Twilight series. So, this should give you an idea of how bad the media storm became surrounding the breakup.  According to Zap2it’s sources in the audience, the star said he would be hiring a PR rep. Stewart had another suggestion: A time machine. Ouch.

The interview airs Monday on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart at 11 PM on Comedy Central.

How do you think Pattinson’s first post-breakup TV interview went?