‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Preview: When Kanimas Die (VIDEO)

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There’s only one episode of Teen Wolf left, and as we saw at the end of last week, Scott (Tyler Posey) may have kept his friends distracted by hunting the kanima, but in doing so, he turned a blind eye to the other forces in town quietly building.

But ignoring those forces is no longer an option as the crescendo is upon Beacon Hills just as the season finale of Teen Wolf is upon its audience.

Scott must finally turn his attention to Gerard (Michael Hogan), who has promised he will let Scott be with Allison (Crystal M. Reed) if he just delivers Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and his pack. But whether or not Gerard’s deal is legit is not even Scott’s biggest concern, as Allison has finally embraced her warrior side and gone off the deep end a bit in her own right.

Can Scott pull her back to save everyone once again? And is Jackson *really* dead?

Though it appeared from his stunning lacrosse “death” that Jackson (Colton Haynes) did the noble thing and took himself out before the kanima could kill again, we have to wonder if Teen Wolf really wants to lose one of its star players.

(We also have to wonder if Jackson really did take himself out or if someone else on that field had a secret they were just determined to keep, but that may be a whole other conversation…)

Judging from the clip MTV has teased the finale with below, though, it seems the supernatural drama isn’t so ready to say good-bye to Jackson after all, as some part of him is still fighting — even when on a slab.

Or Gerard is still managing to control him — quite literally the puppeteer of this now immobile kanima vessel?

But there may not be much time to deal with that, as in “Master Plan,” the second season finale for MTV’s Teen Wolf, Scott and his friends — and mom! — have to rush to figure out Gerard’s master plan while Derek plots to take him down using his own methods, and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is being tortured in his own right.

Can’t they ever just sit down to a nice, normal dinner instead?

Who else do you think might not make it out of Teen Wolf alive? Cast your votes in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano

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