TLC's 'United Bates of America': Move Over Duggars (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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TLC is shining its spotlight on a new larger than life family. First, there were the Gosselins, then the Duggars. And on Monday at 9 PM, the network wants you to meet the stars of United Bates of America.

And Celebuzz has a first look at the family's music video that kicks off the series.

What can fans expect from the Bates?

It’s a whole new 19 kids and counting saga with Gil and Kelly Jo Bates and their nine daughters and 10 sons ranging from ages six months to 23-years-old.

They’re not entirely new to TLC viewers as they’re close friends with the Duggar clan. But, now the network gives you a closer look into their lives with each half-hour episode.

What everyday challenges will the Tennessee Bates face? Your guess is as good as ours. Clearly, they won’t be doing it alone.

Watch Celebuzz’s first look at the official opening to the series above.

Do you have room in your home for United Bates of America? Weigh in below!

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  • Ann Hatmaker
    Ann Hatmaker

    I loved watching United Bates of America........great show ! Please cotinue to have this as well as 19 Kids & Counting ! These are the best shows you have. I do not like Breaking Amish or Honyey Boo Boo. I hope you will continue to have good uplifting shows like The United Bates of America & 19 Kids & Counting !

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