Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: 'Real Housewives' Star Alexis Bellino's 4 Tips for Getting Bikini-Bod Ready (PHOTOS)

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Refusing to live life under a microscope, Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino keeps healthy without giving up life's little indulgences.

Still, in order to maintain her killer bikini body, Bellino says she follows four simple rules that can apply to women of all ages.

"[Do] everything in moderation," she told Celebuzz in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video interview. "You do have to have some kind of workout [routine] or activity level."

What are her other two tips?

"Two other tips that I recommend are, stay away from processed foods, and then don't eat after, like, five or six o'clock at night," she continued.


Bellino also says she's a big fan of exercising, to the point where if she doesn't do it, she actually -- wait for it -- misses it.

"I consider myself lucky, because working out, to me, is a stress reliever. I enjoy it," she said.

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Above: Alexis wears a Marla Caftan in Blue Coral by Ava; Hair: Kristin Cicala; Makeup: Marco Ocha; Styling: Kira Coplin

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  • Paul

    Very beautiful

  • debby clark
    debby clark

    Congrats Alexis...thats a great compliment! oops I didnt see Tamra Barney...I wonder why lol

  • hawk

    She left out "get a pair of giant fake breasts."

  • Anonymous

    When is Alex going to dump that fat old ugly dude?

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