‘Glee’ Season 4: Kate Hudson Heats Up the Dance Floor (PHOTO)

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Kate Hudson is bringing some serious heat to Glee this season.

In this new photo released by Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy, Hudson, who plays Rachel’s (Lea Michele) NYADA dance instructor, is in the middle of what we could only hope is a sexy “All That Jazz” song and dance number.

Clad in a black leotard, fishnets and heels, it’s easy to see why Rachel is going to clash with her new teacher, who is being described as the anti-Mr. Schue. Glee star Jane Lynch recently told E! Online that Hudson’s character will give Rachel “a really hard time.”

Meanwhile, Rachel’s McKinley BFF Kurt (Chris Colfer) will have his own hands full with Sarah Jessica Parker, who will guest-star as Kurt’s Vogue.com editor. Unfortunately for Kurt, she’s already being compared to Miranda Priestly.

Glee Season 4 kicks off Thurs., Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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