'Hit & Run' Couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Won't Marry Until Same-Sex Marriage is Legal in California

"We’ll wait."
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They met in 2007 and he popped the question on Christmas day 2010, but Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard aren’t ready for a stroll down the aisle just yet.

“This is very much up to the State of California,” Bell told Celebuzz when asked about her wedding plans.

“We’ve been very vocal about not wanting to be married in a state that doesn’t allow that right to all of its citizens. We’ll wait until California gets on the right side of history.”

A union of another kind came early for Bell and Shepard as the two star in Hit & Run their first movie together since 2010’s When in Rome. Directed by Shepard and starring his good friends Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper and his Parenthood costar, Joy Bryant, the new movie fulfills one of the actor’s lifelong ambitions.

“Seeing the man I love really accomplish one of his dreams, which is directing a real car chase movie, I wanted to give him the best performance,” said Bell. “I wanted to be able to do what he wanted to see. So there wasn’t ego involved when he was directing me.”

Not this time, but there might have been. Working with a loved one can be bliss or it can be hell. Chemistry in the home can turn into chaos on the set, especially when budgets are as short as the shooting schedule.

“We disagree on almost everything,” said Bell.

“But not work,” added Shepard. “We typically like the exact same movies. We have the same opinion on scripts and on television shows. In that respect, we’ve very, very aligned.”

In the movie, Bell and Shepard play a young couple on their way to Los Angeles for a job interview. What she doesn’t know is that he’s in the witness protection program and killers await him in the big city.

“It’s us in our first year of our relationship,” confessed Bell about their characters. “The year where you really suss out whether you actually want to spend a lot of time with this person. As every couple did we dealt with a lot of that primarily because we have just very different pasts. So in a way they do mirror a portion of us.”

Which is to say there were spats and disagreements on set including lover’s slaps and hair pulling, but the couple eagerly looks forward to working together again soon.

“We work really well together and I think we each want to see the other succeed,” said Bell. “It’s fun to be able to actually be together and doing what we love.”


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  • TheKellWithIt

    They have a lot of gay friends and they said they think it would be in poor taste to ask them to celebrate a marriage they themselves cannot legally get. I don't think they are trying to get the law changed, I think they are letting their friends know that they stand with them.

  • Amber

    that is why they said california specifically and not just when same sex marriage is allowed in general. they live in california, i assume they want to get married there and have a ceremony there with their friends. yes they are speaking about it publically because people are always asking hey why arent you married yet. i doubt they think just because they're not getting married that that alone will do anything to change law. it's just their choice to not do it until the law does change. i always find it amusing when people claim what celebs say is irrelevant or whatnot.. why are you spending time reading about them and taking time out to comment? obviously do care about it on some level.

  • susparkles

    The fact they publicly made that statement, means they did want the attention. We as the public just want to b entertained n their personal views should b just that personal. Obviously the California voters didn't agree n that is why the law has not been changed. Marry don't marry but if u want to change a law become a politician. But the public is tired of hearing their views. So they do make themselves fair game by publicly speaking out their opinions!

  • Katie

    They aren't doing it for the attention and I'm sure could care less about your opinion. It's a personal choice they made. It's their business.

  • susparkles

    Im so tired of celebrities thinking that if they don't get married that their democratic beloved state who is in the hole...won't married until all can.....move to a state that allows it.....or take a stance against starving children or abuse of children...bur for christs sake we lowly regular folks are more concerned about the economy n our children's future!!! Whether a celebrity gets married is so irrelevant!!!!! And a waste of space!!

  • AlaBella

    1°) There are other states where same-sex marriage is allowed 2°) Other celebrity couple said the same thing ... and they eventually got married or are about to (Brad & Angelina, for example)