'Pitch Perfect' Star Brittany Snow on Changing Hair Color: 'People Treat Me Differently Now That I'm Blonde' (VIDEO)

"There’s a misconception that blondes are a little bit slower"
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Does hair color really matter? Brittany Snow certainly thinks it does.

In an interview, the 26-year-old actress revealed to Celebuzz at The Songbirds' Miss Me album release party on August 9 in West Hollywood, Calif. -- hosted by ELLE magazine and Modern Family's Sarah Hyland -- she has felt first hand what a difference a dye job makes.

"I feel better as a blonde I think,” Snow said, noting the difference from her original red roots.

What else did the John Tucker Must Die bombshell confess?

“I’ve changed my hair ... I’ve been every color ... which I feel like it’s hair so I should,” she said.

“It’s fun because you get to be a different person for a little bit and experiment with how people treat you differently."

"I feel like yeah, people do treat you differently as a blonde than as red or a brunette."

When asked how she is treated differently as a blonde, the actress furthur explained: “Maybe people talk a little slower?"

"There’s a misconception that blondes are a little bit slower.”

“It’s not true!

"You know we’re not all natural blondes.”

But, do blondes have more fun?

“I felt like I was having the most fun as a redhead because it was kind of firey and I got to wear all these crazy things and it was just way different for me being, you know, (as) a blonde my whole life," Snow said.

See what else Brittany Snow had to say in the video above.




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