Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Beauty Cheryl Burke Talks Jazzercise, Craving Carbs (EXCLUSIVE)

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Whether she’s shimmying across the stage on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars or taking in a Jazzercise class in her own living room, Cheryl Burke never stops moving.

Celebuzz recently caught up with the Dancing beauty — who ranked No. 71 on our 101 Hot Bodies countdown — during which she gave us the scoop on her favorite ways to stay fit and healthy.

Did you know, for example, that Burke, age, really loves carbs? Or that her secret to staying energized involved power naps?

Learn this and more secrets from Burke — who will be paired with Emmitt Smith on Dancing’s all-stars season this fall –by reading Celebuzz’s exclusive Q&A, below.

Celebuzz: What’s your favorite way to get fit?
Cheryl Burke: My favorite exercise is Jazzercise. They have really great DVDs that you can do at home if you can’t find a class near your house, or are a little shy about working out in front of other people. Lots of fun and lots of sweating!


Celebuzz: Do you work out solo or with a buddy?
CB: I normally work out alone but when I dance it is always with a partner. There’s honestly no better exercise on the planet than dancing for a full body and mind workout.

Celebuzz: What’s your favorite part of your body?
CB: My back.

Celebuzz: What’s the key to keeping fit and healthy?
CB: The key to being fit and healthy is maintaining realistic goals.


Celebuzz: What do you eat?
CB: I don’t follow particular diet per se but I do try to keep the foods that I eat as “clean” as possible. The less ingredients listed on the package the better. I try and make sure that I’m eating food as opposed to additives.

Celebuzz: What do you crave?
CB: I crave carbs. Bread is my weakness.

Celebuzz: How do you stay energized?
CB: I have learned to squeeze in small naps on busy days. A quick 15-20 minute rest really re-ups my energy levels.

Celebuzz: What’s your must-have summer product to get bikini-ready?
CB: My go-to is Veet® In-Shower Gel Cream. It only takes a few minutes, but the results last twice as long as shaving and keeps my skin smooth for the summer!

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Celebuzz: How do you get a safe summer glow?
CB: I swear by Brown Buns Airbrush Spray Tans. Jojo McCarthy gives me the perfect sun-kissed skin all year round.

Celebuzz: Last but not least, what does being ‘fit’ mean to you?
CB: Feeling comfortable and healthy in your own body.

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