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Season finales are usually out to celebrate the finalists at all costs, but The Glee Project’s second season spread the wealth a bit more by inviting back all of their past contenders to back up the Final 3. Did this mean any of them outshone the actual finalists, Ali Stroker, Blake Jenner, and Aylin Bayramoglu? Well, maybe just one or two…

Note: spoilers ahead if you haven’t yet seen “GLEE-ality.”

The Glee Project also brought out a big gun guest mentor for its season finale. Chris Colfer stepped in to judge the homework assignment of “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from Hairspray, which is a hard song vocally but even harder to make natural looking when it’s so over-the-top and saccharine in its euphoria. Ali was really the only one who looked like she was genuinely enjoying it, so maybe Broadway is where she belongs long-term…

Colfer knows a bit about getting Ryan Murphy to want to write for you, as he touched (not literally… we assume) Murphy so much in his initial audition, the character of Kurt was created out of thin air, pretty much on the spot to accommodate the kid. But he also knows something about diplomacy, because he decided to go ahead and award all three finalists the title of homework winner. That was cute and all, but only one will take the top prize, so no need to placate them now!

For the final music video assignment, the three contenders and their past competition took on “Tonight Tonight” with a prom theme. The final three were given characters for this assignment, while everyone else was just featured extras, dancing as regular, excited high school kids. Oh yeah, and last year’s winner Damian McGinty made a fun cameo as a bit of teen royalty, too.

The characters, though, were pretty much to type as Blake got crowned prom king; Aylin snuck into prom against her strict family’s wishes; and Ali was a flirtatious and uber-confident mean girl. It makes sense to allow them to do what they do best considering the character the winner will end up playing will be heavily influenced by the very real person they are anyway, but still, it seems a bit too easy for a final challenge.

At least there was still the Last Chance numbers to get through — in front of Murphy, his writers, his Glee Project helpers, and a number of his Glee cast members. Aylin chose an Adele song (“Rolling in the Deep”) to perform because… Well, because Adele is the new Whitney Houston, obviously. Ali took on “Popular” from Wicked, which allowed her to be really brassy, while Blake sang “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain in order to show “all sides” of his range.

Here’s the thing: When all was said and done, any of these three were talented enough to end up with a role on Glee. But Murphy said at the beginning of the season that only one would win this time and he’s determined to show people he sticks to his word these days. The Last Chance audience was split, though, even after a ridiculously impassioned plea from Charlie to give his girlfriend Aylin the job, because she could inspire “thousands and thousands” (Um, FOX is going for millions of viewers, kid; think bigger). But one comment seemed to stick out: Ali Adler credited Blake with “becoming a man” on stage in front of them all tonight.

So since Blake had Justin Bieber hair, ridiculously good arms, and made both Nikki and Robert cry this week, he got to keep that crown and this season’s win! Writing poetry for Murphy probably didn’t hurt either…

Now, Blake told Celebuzz he just wanted to play the kind of guy who is always there for everyone else on Glee, but we’re not quite sure how Murphy can get seven episodes of mileage out of something so simple. To give him something more — and because we now have Hairspray on the mind — we want to reiterate our dreams of him becoming the Zac Efron of Glee: A basketball player who can also sing — and probably uses the killer combo to steal all the ladies from the other guys of McKinley High.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Blake had the “my girlfriend went and cheated on me” line in the music video, but come on! Who would ever cheat on him!?

Thank you, TV gods: It only took the full season, but someone (Zach) finally pointed out how OTT Ali can be, making her affect look forced, rather than ready for a close-up.

Awk-ward: Chris Colfer walked into a full chorus room and actually asked “So, who’s the final three?” to the contenders. The show should have prepped him or something because after that it just seemed like the returning contenders were going through motions without wanting to take part in that homework assignment at all. And who could blame them?

Hotness: Zach Woodlee saying “Come hug me” and then embracing everyone in a group, well, embrace was maybe more of an “Aw” moment for most, but for us, sentimentality makes a guy ten times hotter in our eyes, too.

Fab-u-lous: Damian McGinty’s bowtie was just plain adorable. He was like a little kid dressing up to be a ring bearer in a wedding.

Can. Not. Wait.: Forget Glee, when will Nellie’s EP be available on iTunes? We’d buy that right now!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

Were you expecting only one winner this year and are you happy with who it ended up being? Weigh in in the comments below!

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