‘The Next’ Mentor Joe Jonas Reveals His Birthday Plans: Two Parties and the Ideal Gift (VIDEO)

Joe Jonas Turns 23!
What's next for the pop star?
Pop star Joe Jonas didn’t let his 23rd birthday keep him from a full day of work for his new musical competition series, The Next, on The CW.

Not to mention the fact that the star took a break from shooting at the iconic Orpheum theatre in Downtown Los Angeles to speak to reporters about his big birthday plans.

“I had a birthday party a few days ago,” Jonas says. “It was crazy, so much fun. More people than I expected and tonight I’m supposed to have another party. So, that should be pretty cool.”

That’s right, folks! Two parties. Does that mean double the presents?

Possibly. But, the Jonas Brother tells us that it’s really easy to figure out what he wants.

Two days ago, his father and his manager replaced his favorite camera that was stolen in Brazil a couple years ago (“No incriminating photos,” he makes sure to point out). But, there’s one other missing item he wouldn’t mind getting replaced for his birthday.

“My bike got stolen a month ago in New York,” he says as the reporters gave him a hard time about his tendency to have things stolen.

“So, Maybe a bike,” he says of the next birthday present he’d like to receive.

Watch Jonas talk about this year’s birthday in the video above.

The star is currently working on his next album with his brothers. And The Next premieres Thursday, Aug. 16 at 9 PM on The CW.

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