‘Braxton Family Values’ Star Trina Braxton Previews New Season: Firings, Divorce and Tamar’s Spin-Off

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The Braxtons are back at it again with a new season of  Braxton Family Values.

Speaking with Celebuzz, Trina Braxton — one-fifth of the harmonizing sisters — revealed details for their upcoming season premiering Thursday at 9 PM on WE.

Calling it “Season 2.5″ as opposed to Season 3,Trina says, “We delved a bit more into everyone’s personal lives and what they’re doing right now with their lives, as far as their careers and their families and relationships. So I think the fans have a lot to look forward to.”

What else did the Braxton sister reveal about the new season?

Trina gives us a rundown of what’s going on with each superstar sister.

“Well, Toni has officially fired her sisters,” she tells us. “So we sort of have that to look forward to her in search of new singers. Of course, Tamar is up to her same old antics. Tracy is working on her hair salon and trying to find a location for that. Tawanda is working on her business venture with Secret Squirrel, so it’s a lot of new personal business ventures going on in 2.5.”

No. The marriage never happened,” she says when asked if her mother went through with her marriage from last season. “I think mommy is just one of those people who’s just better off by herself. Mommy , she’s very, very strong-willed and I don’t think she likes to be told what to do. I don’t think that marriage is in the cards for her anytime soon.”

While on the subject of marriage, we asked the star if her divorce was ever finalized from her cheating husband Dave.

“Dave and I are concentrating on being good parents to our children,” she revealed. “Divorce is never easy and no one wins. So we have a lot to work through and we’ve been very candid with the television show so far in the past two seasons. But, we’re getting to a point especially with the children where we’re trying to be just a little bit more aloof when it comes to our relationship for the children’s sake.”

Speaking about her sister Tamar Braxton and brother-in-law Vince Herbert’s (known as Lady Gaga’s manager), new spin-off show premiering Sept. 20 on WE, Trina said, “We’re very excited for Tamar and Vincent and this is going to give Tamar an opportunity to show her fans a different side of her.”

“As we know, when Tamar is with her sisters she’s always popping off all over the place,” she continues. “Now with the Tamar & Vince show, you guys will get to see her as an executive wife and being a business woman. I’m really excited for her that everyone will get to see a different side of her.”

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