Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Melissa Gorga Reveals Dieting Tips, Favorite Part of Her Body (EXCLUSIVE)

She’s been heating up the small screen ever since she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

So, it’s no wonder that Melissa Gorga isn’t afraid to show off her tanned and toned figure in a sexy two-piece.

Recently, the 33-year-old beauty — who ranked at No. 65 on the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown — sat down for an interview with Celebuzz, in which she shared her workout routine, health secrets and, most importantly, which Housewives star she thinks has the best body. (Hint: It isn’t Teresa Giudice.)

For more on Gorga, including when she cooks and what’s on her fitness playlist, check out our exclusive interview, below:

Celebuzz: Do you have a workout buddy?
Melissa Gorga: I work out by myself in the morning three days a week — Monday, Wednesday, Friday — and the rest is just me being energetic and keeping off the weight that way.

Celebuzz: What areas do you work on the most?

MG: It’s really [the] combination of both my legs and arms — those are the things I work on the most. I actually do a lot of squats all summer long, and I do a lot of things to tone my legs, as well as a lot of sit-ups. I work my lower abs, my upper abs. I [also] do thousands of sit-ups in the summertime because I’m always in a bikini and showing my stomach.

Celebuzz: What is your favorite part of your body?
MG: My waist and stomach. My waist has always been very tiny and I’ve never had to work on it that hard. This year, I’m really targeting my legs, especially my inner and outer-thigh, because it’s really my problem area and always has been. So, I’m going heavy on the inner and outer-thighs and really trying to sculpt them. After having three kids, your body really isn’t the same. You have to really work hard for it.

Celebuzz: What role does dieting play in your life?
MG: I never really, truly diet; but I always eat right and I make it part of my lifestyle. I tend to go for fruits and salads. When it’s hot in the summer, I don’t even like to eat that heavy. I think just eating right is a lot easier than telling yourself that, for two weeks, you’re going to be on a diet and you can have this and you can’t have that. I think it’s really about portion control and staying active. I’m not that girl [who] sits around and watches a lot of TV. I’m always on the go and running around with my kids, and all over the place. I think it’s a big part of it.

Celebuzz: Do you cook?
MG: I cook almost every single night, except for the weekends. The recipe I’ve been making a lot lately is chicken breast sliced really, really thin with Bruschetta on top of it – fresh tomatoes mixed with olive oil, garlic and parsley and a little bit of white wine drizzled over it. You don’t really feel like you’re eating that healthy, but you are. I also make chicken sliced thin into cutlets, with fresh spinach, garlic and olive oil on top of it. It’s really good.

Celebuzz: Can you share some of your “look leaner” secrets with us?
MG: You have to know what to wear and what fits your body. It’s hard; you have to keep a balance of keeping some meat on your bones but putting it in all the right places. I just try to make everything look very feminine, so I’m very into toning. It’s also about what you wear. Fashion, I think, is a huge part of looking leaner. You have to pick the right bathing suit; certain bathing suits look good on me and certain ones don’t. A bandeau top actually looks the best on me for some reason. I think it’s because they do show off your stomach much more because of the way it’s cut without the straps. I’m not that into the triangle bikinis, I don’t feel like they look good on me. I always pick bandeaus.

Celebuzz: What’s on your fitness playlist right now?
MG: I’ll put whatever I’ve downloaded on the iPad on and listen to music while I workout. Sometimes I put the TV on and watch the news while I workout too. So, it’s a little mix of both.


Celebuzz: Which one of your own songs would be best on a playlist to keep people motivated and excited when hitting the gym?
MG: I just released my new song, “Rockstar,” and I’ve had so many people tweet me that they are running on the treadmill to it. So, I’m happy to hear that. I get that tweet a lot during the day, and I used to get that a lot for “On Display,” too. They tweet me and they say, ‘You keep me motivated; you have three kids and you stay in shape like that,’ and ‘We’re listening to your song …’ and I feel good that while they are trying to feel good and look good they are thinking about me. It’s flattering.

Celebuzz: Are you a fan of any of the other Real Housewives series?
MG: I do watch Beverly Hills; I think it’s great. I true to watch them all but it’s not easy. You can’t watch everything and it can be hard to catch up. I do like Beverly Hills a lot.

Celebuzz: Which housewife, in your opinion, has the hottest body?
MG: Camille Grammar looks great. I think she looks phenomenal.

Celebuzz: What advice do you have for other women that want to look their best?
MG: I have to say, to anyone who’s not working out right now, or who’s always thinking about it but who doesn’t push themselves to do it: I used to be that girl. I couldn’t get myself to do it. But, you really can’t make it a chore; you have to make it part of your life. When that hour is over, there’s just something that makes you feel so good, like there’s a weight lifted off your shoulders. You feel like you did something good for that day, and ultimately don’t want to eat the crap for the rest of the day, because you just worked out. It tends to keep the cycle going. Make it part of your life. The same way you brush your teeth — you need to get up and workout in the morning. It takes one hour and it’s over. I think everyone just needs a little motivation in that area. Once they start doing it, it becomes part of their life and they will continue doing it.

Celebuzz: How can other women or mothers with busy schedules sneak in a workout?
MG: If I can do it, anyone can do it. I have three kids. I don’t have cooks, I don’t have nannies, I don’t have anything. I’m on a pretty busy schedule right now — making music, I’m all over the place. I’m not going to lie: I have to switch around the day sometimes — the hour that I do this or do that. But no matter what, I make time for it. If you can’t do it seven days a week and you can only do it 3 days like I do, well, then so be it. It’s just that initial getting over that hump of, “Ugh, I don’t want to do it.” Working out feels amazing; you feel productive. I was the queen of excuses, thinking, “Oh, I don’t really need to; I’m skinny, I don’t really feel like it.” But, when you start working out, you see that everything starts to tighten up and everything starts to tone — and it’s worth it. I just want to help encourage everyone that working out is good. If I can do it, and if I can find the time to get it in for an hour, three days a week … stop making excuses, you can do it! That’s my advice.

Celebuzz: What’s your secret to staying thin and still enjoying a cocktail?
MG: Everything in moderation. I do love to go out and be with friends so I always drink Voli Light Vodka. My new favorite is:

The Voli Suntan
1 ½ Voli Mango Coconut (77.5)
½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice (4)
1 ½ Pineapple Juice (25)
½ oz Monin Sugar Free Triple Sec (0) (if desired)
Garnish: Orange Wedge
Total Calories: 106.5