‘Degrassi’ Season Finale: Clare Plots Her Revenge (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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It’s always drama on Teen Nick’s Degrassi and season 12 has been no exception.

One of the biggest moments this semester was when Clare (Aislinn Paul) was sexually harassed by her internship coordinator, Asher (Paul Popowich). Obviously upset, she aims to plan her revenge.

What will she do?

“I’m going to take some photos of me, sexy ones,” she says.

While Asher and the rest of the interpreter staff is at the Toronto Journalism Awards, she asks Katie (Chloe Rose) to help her get past security and take watch so that she can plant files on to his computer.

She continues “I’m 17, he shouldn’t have photos of me on his computer. According to the law, a little bit of nudity means child pornography. Cut and Dry he goes to jail.”

Looks like Asher made a mistake crossing her.

The finale also features opening night of Tristan’s (Lyle O’Donohue) play, Romeo and Jules. Too bad, he is nowhere to be found.

Watch the exclusive clip above.

Degrassi’s Season 12 finale airs Thursday at 10 PM on Teen Nick.

Do you think Clare will go through with her plan?