Joe Jonas Explains Why He Picked CW’s ‘The Next’ Over NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ (VIDEO)

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Joe Jonas had a choice between joining The CW’s singing competition, The Next, or NBC’s war games show, Stars Earn Stripes.

“I felt like a gun or a mic? I’m probably going to go with a microphone,” the 23-year-old told reporters at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles during a break from shooting.

He may be happy now to have joined The CW show as Stars Earn Stripes has attracted the ire of Sharon Osbourne and her son, Jack, who accused its producers of discrimination. And the military show has attracted criticism from military veterans.

Why did Jonas decide to do The Next instead?

Back when Jonas had the opportunity to join the show, he was considering different things.

“We were trying to work it out,” he said. “Maybe next season? It could be cool. I just really have never really done anything like that and this is something I’m familiar with. What can I speak about more? I can definitely speak about music all day. Talking about how to reload guns and jump out of helicopters – that sounds fun, I still don’t know if that’s my nine to five, you know?”

Instead, Jonas – along with fellow mentors Gloria Estefan, John Rich and Nelly – opted to cross the country looking for America’s next big singing talent.

As one-third of the Jonas Brothers, it made sense for the pop star to join the show now.

“The way I think about it is my focus is in the band, the Jonas Brothers. And now getting back into that, recording again with them and gearing up for the next project, everything kind of helps,” he says. “Everybody loves these shows, so I thought it was great.”

Watch Jonas discuss the challenges and joys of being on the show in the video above.

The Next airs Thursdays at 9 PM on The CW.

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