Join Topher Grace, Matthew Gray Gubler and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in New Film ‘The Beauty Inside’ as its Next Star (VIDEO)

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How would you feel if you could wake up every morning and be in a different body? Well, here’s your chance.

Dubbed a interactive social film, The Beauty Inside is allowing every day people to perform in a role already cast to some of Hollywood’s heavy weights including That ’70s Show‘s Topher Grace and Criminal Minds regular Matthew Gray Gubler.

So how can you play a role already cast?

The film — directed by Sundance award-winner, Drake Doremus who was the creative force behind the stunning flick Like Crazy — follows the struggles of charcater Alex, who suffers from a condition which causes him to be a new person every day.

Complex enough due to his “condition”, Alex’s life only gets more complicated when he falls in love Leah played by Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Presented by Intel and Toshiba, the “social film” is Hollywood’s first interactive film allowing actors and non-actors alike to step in and play the ever-changing Alex.

The story will air right on the film’s Facebook timeline starting today at 3pm PST.

The film is actually six episodes that will be shown over the course of six weeks.

Would-be Alexs can audition as many times as they want for the lead role in this innovative concept.

Alexs are still wanted, so to have a chance to land your big break head to the film’s Facebook page and click the “Audition Now” tab.

Even if you don’t want to be Alex, the audience will be able to connect with the character and get to know him even better through social networking.

Check out a behind the scenes glimpse of this interactive film project below.