All-American Rejects Film Homemade Video for ‘Fast and Slow’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Who says that music videos have to be business as usual?

During a break from their world tour, The All-American Rejects created a personal clip for the song “Fast and Slow,” from their album Kids in the Street. And guess who they shared it with?

Yours truly, Celebuzz.

Lead singer Tyson Ritter said, “‘Fast and Slow’ is one of my favorite tracks off the record, so we just decided to do a fun video.  Just fun for fun’s sake.”

What else did Ritter have to say?

“I love making music — it’s my passion anytime I can be creative I do it!”

And that’s definitely apparent in the video, as the alternative band — which also includes Chris Gaylor, Mike Kennerty and Nick Wheeler — truly seem to be having a blast, smiling and getting into the groove of the music as they showcase their skills along the oceanfront. The clip was filmed at Ritter’s beach house St. Petersburg, Florida.

Watch the video above to see the ‘Fast and Slow’ clip, and see the video below for more about the group’s Kids in the Street album.