Kim Kardashian Gives Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Playboy Shoot (PHOTOS)

Picture perfect!
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Celebrity blogger Kim Kardashian is waxing nostalgic -- in the sexiest way possible.

These pics are from behind the scenes at my Playboy shoot back in 2007. Charlene Roxbourough styled me, Matt van Leeuwen did my makeup, Clyde Haygood did my hair and Hype Williams shot it!

And gloriously glamorous pictures aren't the only thing to come out of the shoot -- Kardashian also made some lifelong friends...

This was where I first met Clyde! I’ve been working with both Charlene and Clyde ever since and love them!


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  • lolaa

    shut up your aba ugly though

  • kirstylee

    haters r soo nasty, i love the whole family think they r brilliant xxx ;) :D

  • Rony

    Haterss hahaha she looks fabulous and i bet the people commenting hateful things are either fat and ugly hahahaha

  • Lawliiet

    Ha, ha, ha!! I have been missing out on some good rnaideg this last week or so. This is just too funny!! What else can you say in this kind of situation.

  • Kariese

    you make money from showing off yur look really trashy & cheap kim..have some class....think yur poor brother has to see more than he are truely beautiful, but stop using yur body to make money..guys think yur hot, but you will never have a guy that will honestly love you, you will be like i have wat every guy wants,( but just for 1 night) what guy wants to see his girlfriend pratically naked all over the internet..i think its sad to see women of yur age degrading yurself for fame!!!sorry

  • Grey Geofry Sync
    Grey Geofry Sync

    I hope this is Not Offensive... But that Looks Suitable for Church...

  • Caity

    and perhaps you could, just once, post a picture of you doing something good for someone else instead of thousands of pictures of yourself

  • Caity

    you make me embarrassed to be a woman. show some class.

  • Joseph

    Kim you're beautiful, I love this pic

  • newpeople

    her face is so different

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Trashy looking

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith

    very hot