Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Grab Frozen Yogurt Together in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

When you're a hot couple, you're going to need to find ways to cool off.

Which is exactly what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did this week in Hawaii during a trip to grab some frozen yogurt together.

The happy couple was spotted leaving the Yogurtland shop together in almost-matching outfits -- Kardashian, 31, in a black leather skirt, see-through black top and knee-high boots, and West, 35, in a black top and black leather pants.

Kardashian -- who on Wednesday posted gorgeous photos from her 2009 trip to the Bahamas (see here) -- was later seen licking her fingers inside the couple's car.


Kardashian and West have spent the entire week in Hawaii. They were previously seen walking around Honolulu together on Monday.

The couple has been dating for about a few months.

Check out photos of their trip to get yogurt in the gallery, above.


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  • cheezzy

    Kimk's choice of clothes this days is ew!I want the old kimmie back!


    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  • Gloria Brown
    Gloria Brown

    I always thought the weather in Hawaii was very warm. Why do they always have on leather?

  • Jenniman

    Leather in Hawaii? Seriously, she can't be that dumb.....

  • Illiana

    Hi Tom, you seem like a nice man; I am single too; just looking for someone that is true and believes in true love......Money does not matter. A good heart does......:)

  • Elen Hayrapetian
    Elen Hayrapetian


  • kimmy

    wearing leather boots with a leather skirt?: MASSIVE fashion no-no.

  • nyfla

    Leather pants and boots in Hawaii in August? Never heard of shorts and sandals???Idiots. They're made for each other!

  • Celebuzz

    what happened to her personal stylist... I used to like how she looked when Monica used to dress her, looks like Kanye does now and looks cool on him... not as much on her :(

  • Laugh

    That's what I said. Her sense of style is gone. All she wear is black and she re wears her clothes alot now!

  • gaga

    what the hell happened to her dress sense?! she used to look impeccable all the time but recently this Kanye obsession has made her look drabby to say the least