Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga’s Weight-Loss Secrets: 5 Celebrity Diet Fads (VIDEO)

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The Master Cleanse is so last year.

Ditto for the Cabbage Soup Diet and the raw food craze.

Luckily, Celebuzz has done some research and investigated the hot new diets that are keeping some of your favorite celebrities slim.

View the video, above, to learn how Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and others stay in A-list shape.

It’s not just Hollywood that has a few stay-slim tricks up its sleeve: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa reportedly follow the Dukan Diet, a four-phase plan that starts with an all-protein approach before slowly returning to carb-based foods. Jennifer Lopez and Katherine Jenkins are also fans.

The Blood Group Diet, meanwhile, is used by Courteney Cox, Miranda Kerr and Cheryl Cole; its exponents claim that nutrients are broken down in the body based on blood type. Cole even claims the diet made a difference in her energy levels.

Besides the occasional Pilates class, Miley Cyrus follows the Gluten Free Diet; she avoids grains such as wheat and barley, which she claims gave her a food allergy. Lady Gaga and Zooey Deschanel also avoid gluten.

Why a gluten-free diet?

“Gluten is addictive,” health expert J.J. Virgin tells Celebuzz. “Think about that hot breadbasket your server sat on your table or the whole wheat pizza your best friend insisted was healthier. You probably ate more than one piece. That’s because the exorphins in gluten have morphine-like opioid activity in your brain. You’re also likely to eat too much because it’s so addictive, which can seriously stall fast fat loss.”

In addition to gluten also triggers zonulin, a protein that wreaks havoc in the small intestine. It dismantles the tight junctions that keep undigested food safely lodged in your digestive system until those foods are digested, thus causing that Virgin calls a “leaky gut.”

“When undigested particles do get through, your immune system freaks out and overreacts. Symptoms such as headache, fatigue, bloating, and yes, weight gain, are common with leaky gut,” she says. “Pull gluten from your diet, and these symptoms often disappear.”

Juicing is said to be Jennifer Aniston’s dieting habit. The newly engaged star drinks only blended organic fruit and vegetables one day a week, in a bid to detoxify and provide nutrients. Other celebrities who enjoy smoothie diets include Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie and Salma Hayek.

Even sex bomb Kim Kardashian sticks to a strict eating regimen — she uses the Food Delivery Diet, having her meals delivered to her in portion-controlled freezer bags. But everyone needs to cheat once in awhile: Kardashian admits she still eats Mexican food and pizza.