Ryan Lochte: My Crush Blake Lively Still Hasn’t Called Me (VIDEO)

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Lochte on Reality
The star talks about his prospects for reality shows.
lochte on '90210'
The Olympic Champion makes a cameo on the CW show.
Call him…maybe?

Olympic champion Ryan Lochte may have put the word out about his crush on Blake Lively during a recent interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, but apparently, it was to no avail.

“I haven’t heard from her,” Lochte told Celebuzz at Thursday’s WWE Summerslam kick-off party in Beverly Hills. “I am still waiting. Hopefully. I will be one happy guy if that happens.”

What did Lochte say about the Gossip Girl star?

“She is gorgeous,” Lochte told Morgan. “I would be like, ‘Hi … You want to go to an island with me?’”

He certainly has fierce competition: Lively, 24, has been dating Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds since last year.

Dreamgirls aside, Lochte has been busy settling into Hollywood. He recently shot a spot for an upcoming episode of 90210 — stumbling over his lines during filming and is casting ambitions to be TV’s next Bachelor.

If he’s indeed chosen for the hit ABC reality show, Lochte says he wouldn’t hold anything back about his personal life.

“I wouldn’t be shy,” he says. “Because I’m pretty much comfortable in front of the cameras. If [The Bachelor] comes across — if they approach me with it — I’m definitely going to consider it. But I won’t commit to it until I talk to my family about it. Because they mean the world to me.”

And what if The Bachelor isn’t a go? No problem, says Lochte — he’ll still tackle Tinseltown.

“If I get more acting gigs like [90210], I will be more than happy to do it,” he says. “I’m pretty comfortable in front of a camera. It’s different, I like it,” he says. “Usually, I’m just swimming up and down a pool all day. So being able to get in front of a camera and act — it’s fun.”

Since returning from the Olympic Games in London, the 11-time medalist has certainly been making the rounds in Hollywood — he was even spotted at Wednesday’s L.A. premiere of Expendables 2, posing for photos with star Sylvester Stallone.

And he’s already marketing himself to the hilt: reports circulated on Friday that he plans to trademark his now-famous catchphrase, “Jeah!”

According to TMZ, Lochte wants to use the word on water bottles, sports hats, posters, calendars, swimsuits, sunglasses, workout DVDs and much more.

The WWE Summerslam bash, meanwhile, was held to celebrate the wrestling league’s “Be a STAR” anti-bullying campaign.

Attended by some of the WWE’s superstars, including Triple H and The Miz, the party also brought out celebs such as Piers Morgan, Kellan Lutz and Carmen Electra; DJ Pauly D provided music.

WWE’s Summerslam airs on pay-per-view August 19.

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