Ryan Lochte Talks Reality Shows, Missing Michael Phelps and His Virgin Status (VIDEO)

lochte on '90210'
The Olympic Champion makes a cameo on the CW show.
Lochte on Reality
The star talks about his prospects for reality shows.
Ryan Lochte has been all over Hollywood recently. He’s taken a dip in the pool with Joan Rivers for E!’s Fashion Police, filmed a guest spot on 90210 and even attended The Expendables premiere.

On Thursday, he sat down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show for an interview where they talked about everything from Michael Phelps to dating to his reality show offers. Things started off on a hilarious note when Hit and Run and House of Lies star, Kristen Bell (Leno’s previous guest) picked up his 5 medals and proceeded to wear them all interview, after exclaiming “Alright I’ll put them on. Geez, everybody get off my back.”

So what did Lochte have to say to Leno? 

On dating: Ladies, pay attention! Lochte declared himself a single man and confirmed to no one’s surprise that he’s not a virgin. Leno also showed a picture of Ryan’s best friend — his dog, Carter — to which he said, “Me and him sit on the couch all the time and watch action-packed movies.”

On The Bachelor: “If they asked me to do The Bachelor, I’d consider it but I’d talk with my family first.”

On Dancing With the Stars: “I did, in college I took dancing class, I got an ‘A’ so I think I’d be pretty good at it,” to which Bell replied, “Do you know how much training it takes to be on Dancing with the Stars Ryan?” Lochte quipped back with, “Do you know how much training you have to do to swim?”

On if he’s happy that Phelps is retiring: “You know what, no, I’m not. I’ve been racing against him for eight years, and every time I go up on the blocks he’s right there next to me so I’m used to it. He’s one of the hardest racers I’ve ever had to come across so I’m definitely going to miss him.” Lochte also mentioned that the two are friends and “kind of leave everything in the pool.”

On how big his “peeing in the pool” story got: “I didn’t think it was going to be that big but I mean – We’re in the pool for six hours straight – we’re not gonna raise our hand in the middle of a workout and say, ‘Hey Coach can I go to the bathroom.’ ” Bell chimed in as well adding, “Cause no one else on earth has ever peed in a pool!”

On his patriotic grill: “It was a big controversy. I put ‘em in right before I was walking out and they said we’ll strip you from your gold medal if you go out there.” Bell then joked she would need the name and number of whomever said that.

Watch one part of the hilarious interview above. You can watch the other part here.

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