AMC’s ‘Small Town Security’: The Chief Is Hell on Wheels (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Small Town' Sneak Attack
Preview AMC's take on the reality genre.
'Hell on Wheels' First Look
EP on the AMC series' return, plus exclusive photos.
It has been the season of change for everyone on AMC’s refreshing new reality series, Small Town Security.

And Joan “The Chief” Koplan isnt’ exempt from it as you’ll see in Celebuzz’s exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode.

So far, Irwin “The Captain” Koplan faced his hoarding problem, secretary Christa Stephens aims to become a private investigator, Dennis “The Lieutenant” Croft went public with his gender transformation and Joan has gotten her public access TV show back.

But what else does Joan want to tackle?

There’s still something that Joan wants and her husband would like to help her with: Getting back her youthful Hollywood starlet figure.

Parkinson’s disease may have slowed down Joan, but it hasn’t stopped her. So on the next episode, her loving husband (who also wouldn’t mind his svelte wife back) finds a way to help her get back on the road to getting active and losing the weight.

In our exclusive sneak peek above, the chief gives his wife the tool and she takes it as an opportunity to be hell on wheels.

Small Town Security airs Sundays at 11 PM on AMC.

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