Ryan Lochte Slips Into Skimpy White Speedo at Las Vegas Pool Party (PHOTOS)

lochte's a ladies man!
Ryan Lochte Slips Into Skimpy Speedo at Las Vegas Pool Party
Lochte: 'Bachelor,' Call me
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You can take the swimmer out of the Olympics, but you can't taken the speedo away from the Olympian.

Fresh from his 5-medal win at this year's London Games, Ryan Lochte hitting Las Vegas for a well-deserved vacation as the Olympic champ was spotted at a pool party held at TAO Beach on Friday. Sporting a skimpy speedo, Lochte, 28, was surrounded by a plethora of bikini babes.

Though single ladies have been throwing themselves onto him left and right, Lochte recently told us there's only gal he has his eye on.

The lucky woman? Blake Lively, who so happens to be dating her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds at the moment.

Lochte may have put the word out about his crush on the Gossip Girl star during a recent interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, but unfortunately, it was to no avail.

“I haven’t heard from her,” Lochte told Celebuzz. ”I am still waiting. Hopefully. I will be one happy guy if that happens.”

As a single man, Lochte is also in the crosshairs to become TV's next Bachelor.

“I wouldn’t be shy,” he said, if he was to be chosen for the hit ABC reality show. “Because I’m pretty much comfortable in front of the cameras. If [The Bachelor] comes across — if they approach me with it — I’m definitely going to consider it. But I won’t commit to it until I talk to my family about it. Because they mean the world to me.”

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