Taylor Swift Bikinis with Boyfriend Conor Kennedy (PHOTOS)

more than just beach buddies!
Taylor Swift Bikinis with Boyfriend Conor Kennedy
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Taylor Swift is taking her love to the open waters.

On Saturday, the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer was seen canoodling with new beau Conor Kennedy off the coast of his family's Cape Cod, Mass., estate. Clad in a retro-inspired, polka dot bikini, Swift had a blast splashing about in the surf before retreating to the shade with friends.

Swift certainly has taken a liking to both Kennedy and his hangout in Massachusetts...

As Celebuzz previously reported, Swift splashed out $4.9 million for a 7-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom mansion near Hyannisport. Just a short stroll from her new guy’s summer getaway, Swift’s 1.1 acre home overlooks Nantucket Sound and boasts a guesthouse as well as a private beach.

Her country crooner's big buy comes after months of dating Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy. Swift, 22, and Kennedy, 18, have been spotted spending time at the all-American political family’s compound many times since July 4.

Just last week, Swift — who’s already gotten the Kennedy family’s approval — took Kennedy to Nashville to introduce him to her parents, Scott and Andrea.

Do you think Swift is moving too, well, swiftly with her new romance? Sound off below.




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  • dave1001

    I'm sure he does. Taylor was probably tugging on it for him later when they were alone together.

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones

    I am proud of Taylor for dressing modestly. A women's body should be shared with her husband not the entire world. I place the greatest value on a women based on who she is not on how beautiful her body is. There are a lot of beautiful bodies that I wouldn't want coming to a party at my house.

  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones

    I trust Taylor is doing what we did in the 50's we dated a lot of ladies until we found someone we wanted to marry. Now 50 years later we are still married and haven't had 3 wives.

  • marrion

    does he have an erection omg lol

  • Rob

    Taylor------------Get out before you drown!!!!!

  • Allen

    Unless I start selling myelsf on the street, I can't afford any of them. *cries*If I did have money, It would be out of Berryz and Momusu.All of the berryz look amazing! Momusu look amazing too (I love the hairstyles!) except for Aika. She actually scared my little brother. I lol'd.But I would be sad seeing Lin and Jun when they're not in fecking Momusu anymore ac_acThe only reason I wouldn't get the C-ute one is because I'm not that familiar with the girls, although the photos do interest' me.So if I had got the money to buy one, I'd probably get the Berryz, simply because they all look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.And and also SAKI NEEDS A FUCKING PHOTOBOOK.

  • Amit

    There are many gorgeous and tanelted bw looking for a husband. I do not hate Kim. After all Kim is only using what she has to offer men- which is not much other than an attractive face.

  • Cornelia

    I love Taylor Swift and all and I guess that swimsuit can be nice considering it’s a vintage and blah blah blah… But really, it’s unflattering to her body type. And so the beauty of the vintage suit doesn’t show at all. It just makes her look old. If she wants modest, I would think she’ll look better with a one piece swimsuit than with that “bikini” of hers.

  • Doc Thomas
    Doc Thomas

    R U KIDDING ME??? this BOY IS STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL....talk about robbing the cradle !!!! at least NOW he has a date for his senior prom NEXT SUMMER....she is NUTS

  • SIN

    Money ruined her. A thieving Kennedy?!? Kennedy's should be a synonym for crooked, lying theives.

  • SIN

    I thought she had more common sense than this. A Kennedy?!?

  • miss.rouso

    dating doesn't mean she's having sex with them. she is young.. dating is what you're supposed to do when you're young. how else will she know the things she wants and doesn't want in a man?!

  • jim

    Taylors legs are open more then you think. Her horse teeth scare me.

  • jbd59

    totally agree. show that body. looks like that suit is from the 1940's.

  • hihu

    Everrybody thinks she's so inoccent and sweet... but she has been with alot of hollywood guys, more than Lilo. Just sayin'.

  • Mr. Obvious
    Mr. Obvious

    you may not have to look like a slut but that bathing suit certainly isn't sexy. sexy for the retirement home maybe.

  • me

    Lol if you calm down for a second you can see that the person clearly said "she has such a nice figure" ...idiot

  • Phackerd

    Taylor, you look beautiful! Love the modest bathing suit. Thank you for being a role model for our young girls and letting them know they don't have to look like a slut to be sexy!


    Beautiful photos… Can't wait for another more…

  • n0mii

    LOL what? there is NOTHING wrong with her figure, are you crazy?! her body is INSANE, she has awesome little hip curves. so SHUT YOUR TRAP, ciao! mwa mwa

  • bc

    Uh she's always had them, you can see some photos of her throughout the years where they come out (and I'm not talking just about pics of her actually wearing a bra/pushup bra for once lol) sometimes. Sometimes she's flatter. She's likely on Birth Control which may be why they appear slightly larger than usual for her.

  • Sara

    Where'd she get breasts all of a sudden?

  • jessie

    i absolutely hate her bikini... she has such a nice figure that i feel this bikini makes her look frumpy and old

  • Anne

    what's up with that bathing suit.. looks like my grandma...

  • mileyismylife

    She is so gorgeous, i love her bikini!

  • Regina Callahan
    Regina Callahan

    That is one ugly bathing suit! The bottom looks like a diaper! She bought a house in LA when she was doing Jake and we all know how that turned out!