Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Figure in Skin-Tight Frock: Love the Look (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez had fans' jaws "On The Floor" Saturday when she slipped into a figure-hugging, structured dress for her own concert's after party in Las Vegas.

Looking radiant in royal blue, Lopez, 43, accessorized her look with simple silver jewelry and matching python print heels and clutch.

Not bad for someone who just stepped off the stage after rocking out with thousands of fans, no?

J.Lo is currently co-headlining her Summer Tour 2012 pal Enrique Iglesias. Though Lopez is closing the show for most of the dates, the mom-of-two admits to Celebuzz that she'd much prefer calling it an early night.

"I think Enrique should close," Lopez told us in June. "I’ll go first, I’ll be home in time to put the babies to bed."

What do you think of Lopez's night-on-the-town look? Play fashion critic and sound off in the comments, below.




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  • HoneyWest

    You dumbass Shelly, there's nothing fake about her, she is all real, she never had plastic surgery done on nothing! You're nothing but a hater and don't know what you're talking about! She looks fabulous in that blue dress, and her hair looks great too! She looks so hot and beautiful! You wish you could look like that at 43 yrs. old! she is gorgeous!

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  • ccm

    she didnt say anything wrong other than if you look at the back of the dress it does look like shes bulging a bit. She looks AMAZING but maybe wearing it a size bigger wouldnt hurt the back of the dress. geez calm yourself.

  • yu

    to ALL OF YOU ABOVE: you're alll illiterate morons babbling on about nothing, go back to school and learn how to spell, punctate and learn how to structure a sentence and THEN go on the internet and continue your debate. thank-you and good-bye xxxxx

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Agreed man... She look's hotter than she did 10 years ago - Wow!!

  • its real
    its real

    have u not seen her when she was on "in living color"? its real. quit hating

  • Shelly

    everything about her is fake !

  • anon

    her butt isn't even real. she got it done to star in the Selena movie.. Selena had a big butt.

  • Nour Desoki
    Nour Desoki

    The Older U R The More beautiful u r..

  • Nour Desoki
    Nour Desoki

    very Nice Dress and it is my Fav. Color

  • Nour Desoki
    Nour Desoki


  • jaimes

    you piece of crap you probably home sitting in computer she looks gorgeous in her age anybody would wish could look like that you probably a ugly guy that wishes she would like some ugly thing like you who dont show your face she's richer than you could ever be and lovely as well hater i hate people like that anonymous because does are people with no self -esteem

  • jaimes

    hater get a life you cum

  • leowmn

    The dress looks nice if you don't see the back where her dress is squeezing out the extra fat. Also, her hair looks like something from the 80s.