Angelina Jolie and Hilary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna: Surprising Celebrity Family Relatives (PHOTOS)

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Guess Celebrity Siblings!
See if you can spot the famous resemblance.
Talent often runs in the family, especially in Hollywood.

But you might be shocked to know that some of the biggest A-listers — like Angelina Jolie and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton — are related! Jolie and Clinton are 9th cousins, twice removed.

Meanwhile, research shows that besties Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are 10th cousins, once removed.

Talk show host Ellen Degeneres has plenty of famous relatives and is part of the same family tree as Madonna and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

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Britney Spears is considered to be the “Queen of Pop,” but if you dig a little deeper into her family background you may be surprised to find that she actually has royalty in her family. The singer is said to be the 17th half cousin of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Spears is also related to former presidential candidate John Edwards. According to, they are seventh cousins three times removed. Their common ancestor was John Stovall, born in Virginia around 1705.

Fresh off Melissa McCarthy‘s 2011 Emmy win, it came as quite a surprise to most when blonde bombshell Jenny McCarthytweeted her support — and revealed the two were cousins!

“Congrats to my cousin Melissa McCarthy on her Emmy win!!”

We can only imagine how hilarious those family reunions must be.

It doesn’t end there: According to Forbes, President Barack Obama and Brad Pitt are said to be 9th cousins. They share the same ancestor, Edwin Hickman, who was born in 1690.

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