Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies: Kimberly Cole Says Trick to Staying in Shape Is Dancing (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

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We've seen a lot of helpful tips on how to stay in shape throughout the Celebuzz 101 Hot Bodies countdown, but Kimberly Cole may just have the most exciting one to date.

The popular singer -- who ranked no. 45 on our the list -- says her favorite way to work out is simply by dancing.

"When I'm dancing and when I'm training for a show or tour, dancing is a whole-body workout," she said. "So, that's actually my favorite way to get my body into shape, by just dancing."

"Being a dancer, I kind of always have to make sure that all of those areas are worked on," she added.


Of course, Cole is human just like the rest of us (if you can believe it, anyway). In fact, she admits she even has diet weaknesses of her own.

"Diet Dr. Pepper is my biggest craving, always," she said, adding she's also a sucker for frozen yogurt and cereal, as well.

For more on Celebuzz's interview with Kimberly Cole, check out the video, below.

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  • brian j campbell
    brian j campbell

    Hi Kimberley, I don't really know who you are but I admire the way you look after yourself. Particularly in these days of fast food, fizzy drinks, and too much TV. Brian