Former 'Today' Show Host Meredith Vieira: Ann Curry 'Will Be Fine'

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Ann Curry's Exit
Ann Curry Leaves 'Today'
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Although Ann Curry tearfully ended her 15-year run with Today in June, she needn't worry about her future in television -- so says the woman whom Curry replaced, Meredith Vieira.

"Ann will be fine," Vieira, 58, told Celebuzz Monday while promoting the upcoming season of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

“Ann's fantastic. Ann is such a gifted journalist ..." she said. "The thing about television that people forget is you occupy these positions for a certain amount of time and then you move on to whatever is next.”

“Ann is brilliant. She does such great work," Vieira continued, when asked if she had any advice for Curry during her transition out of Today. "She's starting out with a unit of her own, with her own staff, and I guarantee you'll see a lot of Ann, for sure.

"She doesn't need my help, and my advice. I'm gonna have dinner with her in the next couple of days. I haven't seen her in awhile. I look forward to that. She's a good egg."

Curry officially became co-anchor of the NBC morning news program in June 2011 after Vieira left for personal reasons.

During her run, ratings for Today slipped significantly, to the point where the top-rated morning news program was overtaken by rival Good Morning America for the first time in over a decade.

Shortly after, on June 28, Curry announced her departure, effective immediately, for a new role with NBC News. Watch it below:

Vieira joined Today in 2006 after Katie Couric left to become the anchor of CBS Evening News. She continues to do work with NBC, which most recently included coverage of the 2012 Olympics in London.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire premieres its eleventh season on Sept. 3.

For more from our interview with Vieira, check back later in the week to see what she had to say about what's in store for Millionaire and whether or not Matt Lauer should be worried about Ryan Seacrest.



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  • jennifer

    Matt Lauer, a high school graduate, never went college, became a liability for NBC, fire him right now.

  • Chrstine

    I totally agree, I watched TODAY only when Ann was on. I stopped watcing completely when they had that wing nut Palin on. The current TODAY "cast" acts like a bunch of 13 year olds.

  • Ga Magnolia(GMA fan 2012)
    Ga Magnolia(GMA fan 2012)

    I cannot bring myself to watch the Barbie Bimbo Show with Barbie girl Savannah and Matt/Ken. It is so tasteless. I hope they at least keep Al Roker (very professional and on the ball). Natalie keep on doing the good work (stay off the Barbie and Ken treadmill even tho it is very tempting)---you are too good for this show. Maybe NBC will wake up soon and realize Matt Lauer is no Brokaw or Brian. NBC ruined the Olympic coverage. I wanted meat not the tripe that Lauer and his cohorts keep spilling out. It is hard to believe that so much was cut for him and his comments which were so trite. NBC please do cover the Olympics--enough is enough. BBC should run the full event again so we get the real thing--not dribbles and tripe from the Ken/Barbie duo.

  • amd

    I don't watch the Today show anymore unless I know Ann Curry will be reporting on a story. She is beautiful, both on the outside and the inside. They made a mistake-they should have gotten rid of Matt Lauer. I hope he gets replaced. I have so much respect and admiration for Ann Curry, and she needs to know many people out here really miss her and her gorgeous face. She is such a good reporter and I have a feeling she will get many awards in the future for all her reporting.

  • Linda

    Ratings went down because of all the junk they have on the show and Matt Lauer's egotistical nasty attitude. When will NBC/Comcast listen to their viewers? They took off Harry's Law because it was for old people so many of us baby boomers decided that was it for the show. Also Matt Lauer's interview with Christie Brinkley where he left her in tears had a strong reactions, but instead of apologizing, he put her husband on the next day....what a creep! I hope someone else picks up Curry. But the next blame will be Roker, for sure, since he didn't agree with what was done to his colleague. I turned my channel that day they made Ann Curry take the blame and announce her leaving..That was the most egregious act I've ever seen done on TV and so cruel and unprofessional! Also Hoda and Kathy Lee getting drunk every morning on the Today Show is really out of line. Now I heard Jay Leno's show is on the block. No doubt he's too old for the viewers' tastes.... Somebody needs to look at management at NBC and see why they are screwing up that network so badly!

  • Franie

    It wasn't Ann who made the ratings go down. The show was all cooking, repeating news over and over, concerts I could care less about, and the format just dull. I want to hear good news and not just fluff! Since Ann is not on the show, I won't even watch the show. I think she was treated terribly. I saw Brian Williamson be very rude to her on the shooting in Colorado when Ann was explaining a situation. Pfft. Who do they think they are! All very replaceable.

  • Gail

    I'm anxiously watching to see where Ann Curry shows up next. I miss her terribly. She has more class in her little finger than anyone else on the Today show. And, she has excellent interview talents. I hope she shows up on a different channel.

  • Jeanne

    What an awful way for so called "professionals" to behave. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Ann Curry. I personally liked her and thought she did a great job. If Matt Lauer had anything to do with her being let go, I have no respect for him. What a horendous thing to see on the air!!! Ann Curry should leave the network and go where she's more appreciated for her excellent professionalism and class. All the best to you Ann. I miss you on Today and I no longer watch. Bring Ann back and I'll watch again, or go to abc Ann. We can watch you there.

  • Anna

    The word was out ...rumors were in the news...why didn't any one of just be there for support...I didn't like Ms. Vieira on the show...but I did push Ann under the bus ...was the most disrespectful moment I've seen on TV in a long time...Mr. Lauer who....NBC who..

  • judy

    I wasd sorry to see Ann leave the todayshow. From what I read she ws thrown under the bus by Matt anI didn't lke that. All I can say is -Matt would do well rememeber , what's his name - oh yes- Bryant Gumble . Matt better watch his back. I am not so ure I like Savanah either. Sory to be so ull of love today but I had to get it off my chest.

  • Benjamin Arrowood
    Benjamin Arrowood

    The Palins might be getting theirs. Levi Johnston, the father of Tripp, is suing Bristol Palin for full custody of Tripp because of behavior Tripp exhibited on Bristol's Lifetime TV reality show "Life's A Tripp". He was watching the show on satellite TV in Wasilla, AK and he was like "What the heck did my son just say?".

  • Shen li
    Shen li

    Oh yea.... Easy for Ms Flighty Vieira to speak; where was she to defend that Ann be @ the Olympics instead of her or even @ the Queen's Jubilee? Plus she had nearly an hour send off when she QUIT ... Not retired, not fired, but QUIT from the Today Show? Ahhh but she jumped @ the chance to go to the Queen's Jubilee & the Olympics to be with her side quick - the other Mr Lighty Lauer! So woman, don't speak of Ann Curry NOW... when you were not there for her when Ann needed it! Go & stick to your game show!

  • georgia

    When will everyone realize that the week the Today show rating fell below GMA was the week that Sarah Pain was the guest host..and millions of anti Sarah folks, like myself, quit watching the Today show in boycott..and we are still boycotting in..thats why Ann had to be let go..she was the scapegoat for Sarah Pain...when will that Pain family ever go away?? and stay in Alaska where Sarah walked out on her governship?? poor Ann..lost her career on Today over Sarah Pain!!!!