‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Expands; ‘Community’ Gives Abed a New Buddy

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It seems the cast of characters on HBO’s Game of Thrones is always expanding and now there are two more recruits. Ed Skrein will play Daario Naharis, the captain of the mercenary soldiers called the Stomcrows. He will meet with Daenerys Targayen (Emilia Clarke) in the upcoming third season. British actor Jacob Anderson will play the leader of the Unsullier, a group of eunuch slave soldiers.[winteriscoming.net]

Will Abed (Danny Pudi) find a new best friend on Community? 

Uh-oh, Troy (Donald Glover) is going to have some competition for BFF Abed in the upcoming season. Matt Lucas of Little Britain and Bridesmaids will play Toby, a fellow Inspector Spacetime fan who Abed will meet at the show’s convention. Could he really come in between the besties? [TVLine]

Four members of HBO’s The Sopranos are reuniting in Nicky Deuce, a Nickelodeon TV Movie based on the book of the same name. Micheal Imperioli, Steve Schirripa, Tony Sirico and Vincent Curatola will all play, you guessed it, gangsters in the flick. The movie is currently in production and set to premiere next year. [AP]

Chuck Lorre, the man behind CBS juggernaughts, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, is close to signing a four-year deal with Warner Brother Television. In addition to overseeing his current shows, which includes Mike and Molly, the deal will also include a move into feature films. [THR]