‘Go On’ Preview: Matthew Perry Finds a Quirky New Set of Friends

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One brave soul takes on an Xtina hit.
In his latest reincarnation on the small screen, Friends star Matthew Perry takes on a new role on NBC’s fall comedy series, Go On. Previously previewed during the Olympics, NBC gives viewers another look at the new comedy on Tuesday at 10 PM.

Perry plays sportscaster Ryan King, who is forced to seek group therapy after his wife passes away. In an effort to get the mandatory time over with, he attends his first group and tries to avoid the therapy part with group fun and games.

Along the way, he butts heads with the group’s leader, Lauren (Playboy Club’s Laura Benanti) and discovers that he may need the group more than he thinks.

What’s the bottom line on Go On?

Who’s who: Aside from Perry and Benanti, the cast is filled with comedic standouts. Harold & Kumar’s John Cho plays Ryan’s fast-talking boss. Tony award winner Julie White (Transformers) gives a nice take on Anne, an aggressive fellow griever. And Brett Gelman (30 Minutes or Less) brings a strange humor to therapy group member, Mr. K.

The Buzz: Besides being Perry’s latest stab at TV comedy, the producing staff of the show represents some of the medium’s most unique comedies. Joining Emmy-winning writer/executive producer Scott Silveri (Perfect Couples, Friends) are EPs Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle), Karey Nixon (Free Agents, Miss/Guided) and Jon Pollack (Up All Night, 30 Rock).

Workin’: Almost halfway through the pilot episode, the viewer realizes why we can like these people. There’s a certain amount of heart that enters the show that maybe could’ve been brought in a bit earlier.

Not so much: We understand that the sports radio gig helps with some change of pace from the therapy scenes. Let’s just say we don’t care much about it yet and felt we were clocking out at the station. But, if the series can get around to making those characters less one-dimensional on the following episodes, we may check back in to work.

Celebuzz meter (1-10): 7. There’s certainly potential here, though there were few LOLs until possibly the very fun end scene. So, once Perry and the other characters settle into the parts and don’t hit the punch lines so heavily, this series could raise some spirits.

Go On officially premieres on Sept. 11 at 9 PM on NBC.