‘Bachelor Pad’ Shocking Twist: Michael Stagliano Sent Home by Erica Rose (VIDEO)

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Bachelor Pad has seen its fair share of crazy eliminations, but Monday night’s rose ceremony may go down as the franchise’s most shocking one yet.

So what exactly happened?

Well, as forewarned by host Chris Harrison, the show decided to do away with its typical elimination process and opt for a new twist instead, in which the eliminated woman would choose a male contestant to send home with her.

Unfortunately, that meant very bad news for returning contestant Michael Stagliano, who tried — and very obviously failed — to eliminate Erica Rose and put the blame on the house’s most manipulative guy, Chris Bukowski.

Erica, being the wise player that she is, found out about Michael’s ill-fated plan, and with the power of vote — not to mention karma — in her favor, brought him down with her.

But not without a few insults first.

“You’re so fake. The smartest thing Holly ever did was dumping you and marrying Blake …” Rose lambasted, recalling the moment in which Michael found out on camera that his ex-girlfriend, Holly Durst, had gotten engaged to Bachelor Pad alum Blake Julian.

“At least she’s with a real man who’s honest and doesn’t lie.”

“[Michael is] a manipulator, and the little puppet master got caught in his own game,” she said.

“He’s a horrible friend; he’s a back-stabber.”

To his credit, Michael owned up to his schemes, but by then it wasn’t enough to save himself from the wrath of Erica.

This was Michael’s second attempt at winning $250,000 — oh, and love. He previously appeared on Bachelor Pad season 2.

What do you think of the big twist? Was it fair to Michael? Relive the shocking moment in the video, above, then cast your vote in our poll.